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    Hi, I'm back

    Hey everyone, I'm not a new member but it's been a while. I posted on here all the time back when i was in school. But when i graduated, I moved to Monroeville, PA and didn't get a chance to get on here hardly at all. Then, back September of 08, I was working for the Monroeville fire department...
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    A Note To Say Hi

    Welcome the CB.
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    building a dry ice fog machine

    I have the plas for a Dry Ice Fogger attached. The plans are fairly simple. There is only one major problem people run into. When you heat the water that you're putting the dry ice into, don't turn off the heating element when you put the ice in. If you shut off the heat the ice will cool...
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    Pics from my Thursday gig.

    Doo Wopp... like 1950's barbershop, 4-part harmony stuff?
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    With my 500th post

    Hi. I think it's too late to say welcome. But I'm still gona... WELCOME!
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    Hi - All!

    Yeah, welcome to CB.
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    Aging a set

    I'm not sure what else to tell you. Only that, if you are going to have any dust-like substance that will be blown into the air, Like when you slam an old book shut, make sure you check with all the cast members. Some people have some really strange allergies.
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    Welcome to CB Emily. There's alot of info on here, just ask.
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    Trouble finding backdrop for "Cats"/moon

    re: Trouble finding backdrop for "Cats"/moon Here are some links to some backdrop rental compines that have Full moon backdrops. It's halfway down on the left On the lower Right Good night sky but no Moon This has the full set "Full Stage with Holiday Lights" but it might not include...
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    Hello fello techies

    Welcome to CB. Thats pretty cool. how long did it take you to set all that up?
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    I hear you on that one. I held that position for 2 years untill I trained some new people. You should spread your abilities around and teach some new techs to help you out. Oh, and welcome to CB.
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    Welcom to CB. I think soundlight pretty much sumed it up. Also, I've read "Audio Made Easy" and it is really good.
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    Math + Wood = Hard Question

    Here's the answer. I didn't get it right either. Distance/revolution x revolutions/time = C x R inches/minute = pi x D x R inches/minute = 3.1416 x D x R inches / minute. Now... in mph. (3.1416 x D x R in/min) x (60 min/hr) = 3.1416 x 60 x D x R in/hr = (188.5 x D x R in/hr) x (1...
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    Math + Wood = Hard Question

    The technical R&D teacher at my school asked this for an extra credit question on the Final. How fast is the edge of a router bit moving? Given a blade of diameter D inches, revolving at a rate of R rpm, a point on the perimeter of the blade will travel the length of the circumference C...
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    table Saw Troubleshooting

    If it binds against the fence it means what? Crooked cut. The fence is closer to the blade at the end of the table away from you, than at the end of the table nearest you... maybe?