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    Video Switcher For Performing Arts Center

    We use an Analog Way pls 300 to switch between dvd players, cameras and computers. Works great and can be controled on face or through software on windows computer. Draw back is the price tag.
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    Orchestra pit -or- Orchestra room

    I have seen and been in this discussion many time. This is what it comes down to for me if you cant hear them live and want to but them in another room why not just lay down tracks..There presents is part of the musical experience. One of the performing spaces we use we become quite creative as...
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    Jester 24/48 ML or ETC Insight?

    Go with etc should something go wrong you have a better chance of getting it fixed. As for me running your board into my systems bring up a whole new set of questions, since i have never seen a DMX input in the theatre.