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    Clear-Com purchase

    I'm a huge fan of the Freespeak II over the DX series, Placeable antennas, more interfacing options, and you get 5 full duplex rather than the DX's 4. Also, the DX requires specialized headsets with a fragile, proprietary connector (or an adapter) the Freespeak II just uses a standard 4 pin...
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    Ultra short throw .25:1 projector doesn't exist

    Probably similarly priced to the Epson, but I've been very happy witPanasonic's's .38:1 lens
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    Did some searching, no dice: Venue Management software?

    I've been looking into propared, pricing is based on the size of the management team, so that will be the primary factor. It looks to have all the features.
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    They are based in Portland. When I worked at Hollywood Lights, they came in with the Zobo. It would probably make a good replacement house light and it doesn't require wired data, but the output varied between the fixtures they had. (this was 2 years ago, so they have probably made improvements...
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    ClearCom/HM Electronics DX210 Interface?

    You can interface it with a Clearcom or Telex Mainstation. Be aware that the DX210 can only have 4 full-duplex beltpacks at once. If more than 4 people try to talk at once someone will be locked out. In addition, there is no option to listen to both IC1 and IC2 at the same time. There isn't a...
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    Creating a Rear-Projection, Light Tolerant, Digital CYC

    I've been using our PT-RZ670 with the ET-DLE030 lens in a top-hung front projection setup hanging near 2nd Electric. In my space, it casts about 35'x20' on our 40'x20' cyc. Our 5th legs cut it off about there. It's not enough to compete against x5 Lustr2 Cycs, but I've been allocating budget for...
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    LED Fresnel suggestions?

    The install was completed in September 2016. 5 out of 13 total instruments. The fifth just went bad last week and I now have 2 more showing issues bringing the total up to 7.
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    LED Fresnel suggestions?

    We've had continuous issues with our 6" Pegasus fresnels. Displays going out or giving error codes, buttons not responding, bad DMX and PowerCon thru ports. When they work, their light is great. We have and to send 5 back to our local dealer for replacement.
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    INTERCOM - Clear-Com CL200 Replacment

    I would agree except that the actuator would also call the wireless system from the wired. Almost everything we do is on the wireless COM, including the SM. I'll probably end up connecting the DX200 ISO+ into the wire interface on the DX210...
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    INTERCOM - Clear-Com CL200 Replacment

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of a replacement for the Clear-Com CL200 Call light actuator. The theatre I work for has a DX200, DX210, and MS-702. They are trying to integrate them into one system after I fixed the shorts in the 2 channel wiring. Being able to call from a wired beltpack...
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    Need Advice on LEDs: Elation QA equivalent

    The Elation EPAR QA and QW are still available and heavily discounted at the moment. Contact your local theatrical supply store. Or try Hollywood Lights, based in Oregon, but they will drop ship to you.
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    QLab MacBook Pro Recommendations

    if you get the discrete graphics processor, you could skimp on the CPU, but if you go with integrated graphics (Iris) I would get the best i7 processor.
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    ETC Ion Annoyances

    Just a quick question about the Ion, does it have an [ALL] button or softkey like the congo? We have a loaner one while our Congo Sr. is out for repairs.
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    HDMI to VGA (+ Audio?) Converters

    If cost is a concern, I would go with this converter instead.