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    A few Vectorworks annoyances

    Ive been having trouble with this and it's good to know its an actuall issue and not just a problem I have. What you said is true except one part: dont "grab"- meaning, don't click and drag. It doesn't work that way. It was driving me crazy trying it that way. You have to click, let go, and...
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    Video Department Expansion Question

    Thanks for the quick response. Right now, we are sub-renting a package similar to what I just listed from another company. I have a pretty good handle on what I'd want to do for screens. Mostly, I'm way behind on switchers projectors and cameras. When we have a bigger package we get the HS400...
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    Video Department Expansion Question

    Hello,I own a small production company, and we are in the process of expanding from only audio/lighting into full production. I have experience working for a full-scale company and know some about video production, but I think my knowledge may be a little outdated. I am hoping the wise folk of...
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    service notes to a 1936 Leko

    I'm glad I didn't hold my breath...I do want to see this beast though
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    The Future of LED Stage Lighting !

    We have mostly S4 PARs, but we have a box of 12 PARnels, and I LOVE them. The only time I notice the optics being funny is when they're all the way flooded out- so I always tweak it in a bit from full flood and they stay nice and even. Maybe it's because they're new.Don't get me wrong, I would...
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    Who would be interested in a pair of Kliegl Bros. #3525 1000W Fresnels

    1k makes for a pretty intense house fixture
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    Hog Update

    Just my 2 cents- I think you should perform a complete and clean install of v3.2.2. There are instructions on the download page. Backup all your show files and when it asks you if you want to keep them, say no. I would bet that there is nothing wrong with your hard drive. But, do what you want...
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    Hog Update

    If you try to go from anything before 3.1.8 to anything at or after 3.2.2, you will get that error. Anything recent is going to require the newest XPe Image (1.8.2). Before you upgrade the software, perform a full install of the newest XPe image and see if that doesn't fix your problem.Road...
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    The new thread on labeling gel

    Makes sense. Do more work than you have to just so you can stick to your system. I think I've worked for you before....On a serious note, I love having the gel in the middle. When its flown, I can read it. When its stacked in frames on the table waiting to be dropped in, I can quickly ID...
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    The new thread on labeling gel

    Made me laugh. All too familiar...
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    Gel Frame Sizes

    It may. However, I wouldn't use VW as a reference point for size of anything without double checking. I just got a plot from my TD showing 6 10 degree Source 4's hung on a 6' pipe with no room for cantilevering. It showed a couple inches between the barrels of each unit, as you would need to...
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    Wizard of OZ .... Witch smoke..... instant

    I love it when the best solution is also the simplest. I'm definitely going to use this one
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    Small theater upgrade questions

    This is the best post I've read on here so far. To take it a step further, it could be feasible to run your current source 4 ellipsoidals on hpl375 lamps, holding on to the hotter lamps for when you need extra punch, like with gobos. There are a lot of ways to save energy without going all LED...
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    LED Source Four

    Any word on Lumens OTF?