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    LED Tri vs LED RGD

    I am researching led lights for our church. Right now I am considering Chauvet SlimPAR Pro Tri or Chauvet SlimPar 64.Any opinions?Big question is which is better, Tri colored lights or RGB lights.
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    Wireless Pop in wireless mic

    Already checked phantom power, it is off. The noise is coming from the transmitter, and seems to get worse the longer the mic is in use. It tends to appear frequently during second service but hardly ever during first service. This is why I am thinking accumulation of static.
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    Wireless Pop in wireless mic

    We have a Audio Technica wireless with a headworn mic that develops a pop, usually during second service. I have replaced the microphone, twice, with no luck. I am thinking static electricity because it worked fine up until a few weeks ago when the weather changed and pastor started wearing...