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    Making a Cyc

    Got the quote, $383.08 for a sky blue poly 15'x30' seamed drop which a back pipe pocket with skirt and velcrow top ties. Which is a LOT less then I was expecting. Thanks everyone for suggesting RoseBrand.
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    Making a Cyc

    Thanks everyone, I have submitted a request for a quote for a sky blue poly 15'x30' seamed drop which a back pipe pocket with skirt and velcrow top ties. I'll let you know what it comes too as soon as I get the quote. Thanks again!
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    Making a Cyc

    Just got around to checking the price on fabric from Rose Brand that kicknargel suggested, we would need 10 yards in width (30 feet wide stage) and since it only comes in 128" the other length, we would need two of 10 yard sheets and sew them together which would come too $302 which isn't bad at...
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    Put it on the list

    I know many are against it, but I would say try it once to see how it goes. Also, ASK before doing so. Coming from a Highschool with a similar situation as you hslighting, with no budget for equipment/expendables other then what our two Drama clubs can get together, in order to ever get...
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    Making a Cyc

    Hello, We recently put on a production of Footloose! The Musical last weekend and we had rented a cyc for the show as we don't own one but do have sufficient lighting to light one. I really enjoyed how it looked and it really gave the stage more depth which was great because we have a pretty...
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    Unsafe safety cables

    That's good to hear, I had never done any math on it but I had always thought that one of the safety cables we (and I am pretty sure are the most commonly used?) use could withstand much more then the force of one of our fixtures. Generally what we do is loop the cable around the batten and...
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    Unsafe safety cables

    Somewhat off topic, but in regards to safety cable and not using spring loaded 'carabiner clip' type cables for over-head hanging. Is this what is meant? If so what is the correct type to use on over-head fixtures? As we use one of those on all of our fixtures, they have been there since the...
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    Techie sayings

    "CSCTech like this." House crew. "Hey X (Yelling to person at other door across the house), let's open the house." Me in the booth in the middle of them looking up saying "No...wrong..." to myself.
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    Question for TDs of high schools or high school crew members...

    We do not do very many outside events, however when we do, the person there does not get paid, officially. Now before I explain this I'd like to say that in the last year we have been re-working how things are done and who's allowed to do what, etc. Also this is the first year there has ever...
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    Wizard of Oz - Beginning and End of Show....

    It may not be possible for you depending on your cast size or you just might not want to do it this way, but when we did the show, we had two actors/actresses for those scenes. One night the 'Kansas' cast would stay in costume for the Kansas scenes and do some other background parts, and the 'Oz...
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    Any New cool lighting effects out there?

    Good thing I saw that video because the first time I heard of that product I didn't realize it was actually a flame thrower :p Thought it was led lit smoke.
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    Check it out - new website for my facility

    Perfect :) I'm getting the same drop box positioning problem with Chrome as well. All I know is that every time I design websites, a lot of things that work fine in I.E. don't work anywhere else, and things that work everywhere else don't work in I.E. Good Luck :)
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    Check it out - new website for my facility

    I'm getting a 404 error after clicking the "Technical Packet" link on the Equipment Rentals page. Cheers :)
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    The NEW NNHS, first year report.

    Well its nice to see that a least some schoolsystems know what their doing :P 400 Source 4s.... /Me weeps over his 16 Colortran 5/50s and other colortran fixtures.
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    horizontal fly system?

    The voice overs look pretty poor in the video :/ I suppose if you're in the audience you couldn't tell much though. I like how Gustav has a mic on but he isn't actually talking :p