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    DMX Termination Fail

    My theater recently purchased a used Rosco Model 1750 Fog Machine for immediate use. I briefly tested it upon arrival, to make sure that it was responding to DMX. I then put it in its perch for the production, making sure to put a DMX terminator in (as the manual demands). During the preshow...
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    Control/Dimming 3-way switch circuit trouble

    Thanks, robartsd. Those diagrams helped me visualize the issue better. I was able to review my work, and just as JD suggested, it turned out that I had reversed the wire intended for common with one of the traveler wires. After switching them, the circuit and switches worked perfectly.
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    Control/Dimming 3-way switch circuit trouble

    The work lights at my theater are all on a circuit together. They are controlled by a switch onstage and a switch in the booth. Recently, I replaced those two switches with heavy duty 3-way switches to ensure control from those two locations. When I tested the switches, I discovered that the...