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    Control/Dimming Microplex to DMX?

    I'm looking into the converters, thanks for the help!
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    Hello from Spokane, WA

    Hello Control Booth and Members! My name is Michael Dach. I have been involved in theatre in Spokane Washington for the past ten years or so, mostly involved with a non-profit (read no-budget:)). I have done a little bit of every thing from being on the board of directors to set desgin and...
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    Control/Dimming Microplex to DMX?

    I'm looking for a little help with how my current rig will work if I upgrade to a DMX based control program. My current board (Leprechaun 624) runs on a microplex setup (I have a total of 5 dimmer packs, 3 - 4 channel and 2 - 6 channel for 24 total). Is there a way I can run my current...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Emulation and Wysiwyg

    PC based control vs. Convential board This is my first post so if this was covered else where sorry for the inconvenience. I am seriously considering running Elation's 'emulation' software instead of my current Leprechuan 624. I need more dimmers (24 doesn't cut it anymore), and I really...