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    DMX Control form a laptop?

    HighEnd Product for WindowsHighEnd Systems makes a computer to DMX control product:
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    Candy Questions in Tech 7

    I just learned that old lights can be dangerous. Just had an old fixture burst into flames. We were prepared though with a fire extinguisher nearby.
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    Looking into getting a new lighing board

    Our theatre owns a Express 48/96, I have had no trouble with it. We also have a new Strand, but I do like the Express better. I forgot to mention that you can try out the Express before you purchase it by using the Offline Editor from ETC at their website. This lets you play with all the...
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    Looking into getting a new lighing board

    Colortran used to make wonderful boards, their latest models have been somewhat sub par. A local school received one a few months ago but returned it after only a few weeks. I use the ETC Express 48/96 and could not give enough praise about it. The only downfall is its intellegent lighting...