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    Shower Cubicle/Door?

    Yeah, that's a very good idea! The only thing I can't see working though is how to get it back off stage?? I don't really want it to be on stage for the entire show if I can help it and seeing as it's quite a main prop for the opening I'll want it at the front. Any ideas?
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    Shower Cubicle/Door?

    Hey guys, I am currently working on an original musical and have been drafted in to help with scenery. The opening sees a shower cubicle centre stage (which does not need running water). It later on revolves to reveal a front door on the front, that could be accessible through the back of the...
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    Hanging light bulbs?

    Hello, I'm not sure if any of you caught the royal variety performance the other night, but I thought the lighting effect used for Russell Watson's performance was stunning! I've thought about re-creating the hanging light bulb idea for ages now, but I've never really worked out how this...
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    Double sided backdrop, depending on

    Okai, well i've been thinking about trying to fit this into our night at the musicals show and i've kind of figured out how. On one side of the cloth im planning on painting a clear blue sky with a few clouds and on the back painting some form of land. Therefore when the backlight is removed...
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    Double sided backdrop, depending on

    I was thinking today as I was wandering around our stage if it would be possible to paint both sides of a backdrop, and alternate between which one could be seen. For example, if it was lit from behind, you would see that backdrop, and if it was lit from the front you would see the other. I was...
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    Microphones Microphone in the rain?

    Hello, Some of you may have seen my other thread on 'Rain on stage,' and I have come across another major barrier I had forgotten about. During the song 'singing in the rain' I am planning on having a live singer in the middle of it all. The only problem though, is that it will be raining...
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    Rain Effect.

    Okai, I think there could be something in the suggestion from 'Kendal69.' The only thing is, I want the actors to get wet, and I mean - really wet, as if they have been in a downpour! And also, would there be anyway, to make the rain fall in several places rather than just the one, so it doesn't...
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    Rain Effect.

    Hello all :D I am currently running a 'Night at the Musicals' show at our local High School, due to our last show being cancelled because of funds. At the end of Act One, I am planning on doing 'Singin' In the Rain' from 'Singin' In the Rain.' And to be honest, what would the song be without...
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    Hello :D

    Hey, I'm new to this kind of thing, but I thought this site might come in handy with a few of the productions I do. At the moment, I run productions on our local High School stage, which isn't exactly massive, but despite this, I like to make the shows as adventurous as physically...