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    Working Cannon Completed

    That's a funny story Bill. I have also been working on some piston valve vortex cannons (think high powered airzooka) to do exactly what you describe. Safely shoot a tight torus (smoke ring) into the audience.
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    Working Cannon Completed

    Hello Everyone, I just completed a working cannon for a performance of The Nutcracker. BY working I mean that it shoots low-density foam balls. This is the firing mechanism. A piston slides back in forth and is "sprung" with the bungee cord you can see at the bottom of the photo. There is a...
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    Walking the plank

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have any good ideas for building a plan with an actual drop of anywhere between 2' and 8' for Peter Pan? This is a children's production and safety is my number one concern with anything of this sort. The director is OK with concealing the landing with a crowd of...