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    LED RGBW PAR 64 Drop-in

    Thanks for the info.~Dave
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    LED RGBW PAR 64 Drop-in

    Thanks for the review. Keep us posted. I think I might want to order a demo and do some comparison as well. Did they indicate any general pricing for a Primo?~Dave
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    Welcome to CB! I hope you enjoy your time here with us.~Dave
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    Inexpensive Mic recomendations?

    If this is the case, it sound like you might have more transmitter issues. The antenna and TA4M connectors are not too difficult to repair on the SLX transmitters. The antenna are $3 each and just 1 solder point. The mic jack is attached to a small BCB, so it plugs in to the larger PCB. It is...
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    Is hanging XLR coils worse than putting them on a shelf?

    I have never heard of this. I am in year 19 of hanginig all of the cables in my venue on pipe pegs. Most of it is as good as the day we got it.~Dave
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    Rigging a Helicopter

    This is one of my favorite attractions in the DC area. Worth the trip away from the mall area. I liked going to the top of the tower, hearing the tower feed from the new(er) airfield, then seeing the plans land. Being able to get so close to the aircraft was a pretty cool expirence.~Dave
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    Do you own your own COM headset?

    I have had the same PH88 for 20 years or so. I replaced the ear pad twice. 4 pin XLR connector. It is still like new. I second the leatherette earcup. It is easier on the ear for long nights than the simple foam one.~Dave
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    Cam-Lok Connections

    Reverse "polarity" is not necessarily a great way to say it. Reversed ground and neutral really just refers to the reversing of the gender or type of connector at those conductors. Many people do this to help prevent accidentally tieing in a hot phase into a ground or neutral socket. I have...
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    Diff' between Hazer and Smoker

    Something to consider prior to purchasing a unit: What sort of smoke / fire detection sensors do you have in your space? Hazers / foggers/ smoke machines all can easily set off particulate detectors. The last thing you would want is to have to evacuate in the middle of Christmas service or...
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    Curtains in Front of Fire exits?

    It sounds like the best solution is to replace the doors with something more appropriate. I cannot imagine an AHJ being OK with the curtains, regardless of your policies and procedures. Especially since you admit your staff has an issue with what is currently in place. I definitely think it...
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    Amphitheater Spotlight Position

    Pine Knob (DTE Energy Music Theatre) in Clarkston, MI~Dave
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    Band/Choir portable acoustic shells

    Ideally, they should be set up end to end with no gaps. That is more of a predictable surface that more evenly reflects the sound of the entire group. If you do not have enough shell units to go behind all of the risers, then each solution is less than ideal.~Dave
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    Lock bolts missing from arbor plate?

    I would also considering not taking work in that space again. If they have that much of a lack of understanding on the features of their system, do not adhear to standard safety procedures, and focus on saving only seconds of work, it is likely a dangerous place to work in. Who knows what other...
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    Shure MX418

    This has been my venues lectern mic for 18 years. We never had an issue. I just highpass at about 150, and take a little cut about 600. I have used them in another large theatre with great success too.~Dave
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    Labeling Mic Elements

    Perhaps something like a brother p-touch lable on smallest font? Make some sort of flag at the bottom where the connector plugs into the transmitter? Honestly, it is a harsh enviroment for any labeling. Are you truly worried about labeling them as school property? (Perhaps it is a requirement?)...