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    Small Board Suggestions

    I second the thought of a USB audio interface if all you are looking to do is record. Audacity software is free and powerful, and will run on a lot of computers. There are a lot of other contenders there as well. ~Dave
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    wireless mic recommendations for musical theatre

    The Point Source and Countryman are both good units. In your price range for an over the ear mic element, I do not think there is much else out there that is going to bring you any greater sound clarity. ~Dave
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    Genie Lift AWP-30S problem

    I have had a similar issue with an AWP25. At our last annual inspection, the service tech said it is a little diode inside that dies out that causes this. He confirmed that it does not effect the actual operation other than what others have already mentioned here. The repair cost for it was much...
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    SmartFade Question

    What is the board doing (or not doing) that causes you to have to reset it? What do you mean by "reset" power cycling it? Does the board retain its patch and cues when you reset? ~Dave
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    Not "new".... but getting back in the game.

    Welcome back to the dark side! ~Dave
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    Welcome to CB! Thanks for taking time to stop by and introduce yourself. I hope you enjoy your time here with us. ~Dave
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    Console Recommendation for High School + Theatre Academy?

    I also recommend the Element, based on the budget constraints you listed. It would be wise to get a demo of the Element and Ion before you make your decision so that you can get a feel for how well it is suited in your space and workflow. ~Dave
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    Making a Floor that I Can't Paint Black

    Perhaps a durable canvas ground cloth painted and taped to the floor? Although gaff tape (dance floor tape, etc.) can cause damage to a nicely finished floor as well. I think that the $300 budget is likely much too small to do something safe and meaningful to the floor that guarentees that it...
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    Not Seen This Before, Have You?

    Welcome to CB! I am moving this thread to the Lighting and Electrics forum so it is posted in the right place. When you get a moment, drop back by the New Member Board to introduce yourself. ~Dave
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    Entertainment Technology Education Article

    Great article. Thanks for sharing. An interesting follow up (for me as a reader) would be from educational institutions as to how difficult creating a training program with so much costly technology is. Paramount to the success of such a program would be staying updated in technology available...
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    Tablet Mixer Cue Playback for Touring Theatre

    I am a fan of the Allen and Heath QU-PAC (or QU-SB) with an ipad. There are a number of additional reliability concerns when you are relying on a wireless tablet for mission critical control. No matter which platform you decide upon, always have a back up tablet (or laptop in the case of the...
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    Saying goodbye to my mentor E. Dee Torrey

    Such a great tribute. Makes me wish I had known him. Sorry for your loss. ~Dave
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    Death rattle of the PAR64, continued.

    I have not used them, and you are right to be a bit skeptical. I have had colleagues use them for other lamps, and they were pleased. Lori at All Bulbs got me a lot last month. They just got a shipping container in. I have been testing 2 lamps at 100% for long periods, and no issues so far. An...
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    Powering Moving Set Pieces and Props?

    Relocating this thread so it is posted in the correct place. Carry on... ~Dave
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    Relatively new Master Electrician at a road house

    Welcome Brent! Good to have you here with us. ~Dave