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    Control/Dimming VISTA Control Panel

    Hi John. Welcome to CB! I am happy to email it to you. PM me the address you would like me to use. ~Dave
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    Stratford Shakespearean Festival 2021; Corona Chaos Plans. . .

    I did not graduate high school until 1998 :-) Our trips were almost annually 2004-2015 ish. In college we went a few times as well (1999-2002). Changes in our production calendar and other obligations with staff guided us away from the trips in recent years. We were set to go last June...
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    Stratford Shakespearean Festival 2021; Corona Chaos Plans. . .

    We are hoping travel restrictions between our two countries lift this summer. I would love to see a production or two with a nod toward the roots of how the festival started. We use to take a group of students to Stratford and Shaw Festivals each summer. It was a great experience for our student...
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    New Theater Scene Shop

    Personally I think this would be a bad concept for many reasons. The amount of time wasted daily relocating tools and scenic pieces would be counter productive. The dust and dirt associated with the shop would make for housekeeping issues on stage during the run of a show, no matter how great...
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    Live Mic reverb echo effect

    I agree with Muzicman, shop for a used effects unit. They are so cheap these days. You could also see about renting what you need from your local music store or sound shop. If you give us the make and model of your board, we could tell you how to set it up and route it once you have a unit in...
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    Live Mic reverb echo effect

    Typically this is done with some sort of effects processor. What kind of sound board do your wireless systems plug into? Most digital boards these days have built in effects units. If not, we could recommend one once we know your budget and what sound board you are using. Dave
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    Mixers/Consoles Thoughts on PRO2 and CL5

    To me, this argument is purely subjective. Each operator has a different preference as to what they like in syntax of operation. Ask any 5 engineers their opinion, and you will 10 different answers on how something sounds. Both boards are great boards, especially for such a small size space...
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    Sending Audio to ATEM for Recording

    I cannot offer any advice on your Mac specific question, but I wanted to offer some advice. Since you will have no audience, you need to do all you can to get your ears on a reference on how the feed sounds once it hits the video, do not rely on how it sounds in the auditorium. So much can...
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    Issue with Mains

    If you are getting consistent output meter from the board and proportionate input level, it really sounds like the amp. Check the knobs on the amp as well as all connections coming in and out. I would disconnect the BT antenna completely and disable that for testing. ~Dave
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    Issue with Mains

    Do you have a make and model of the amplifier and speakers? Do they also go through a crossover or speaker processor after the X32 but before going into the amp? Pyle is not necessarily known for making robust products, so I would suggest starting with the amp. Do you have an amplifier from...
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    Microphones UV Sterilizing tool for Microphones?

    Seems very time consuming if you have many mics to account for. Still does not address the handheld portion of the mic that would still need to be sanitized. I wonder what the price point of the device would be? We have gone to a wipe system that has a product with a 1 minuet kill time with no...
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    Male XLR wall jacks only?

    This is crazy. Heaven forbid they focus on the root cause (poor or lack of training of staff / students). Interesting what educational institutions will focus on and spend money on. I have been working for them for 20 years, I continue to be amazed at what gets funded out of perceived value or...
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    Microphone for Camera?

    I love my compact little 2 channel video mixer (see link below) for situations like this. It enables me to use any mic from my collection, depending on what situation I am in. It also gives me some level control. It mounts to a standard tripod, and has the threads for a camera to mount to it, so...
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    What are people typically doing for major overhauls these days

    I guess it really comes down to available budget. We recently passed a bond in my district, after a few failed attempts to do so. I will get about $150,000 in a couple of years to upgrade my system. I have a long-failing Entertainment Technology dimming system and still Run Horizon software for...
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    Fire at Apollo Design Factory

    So so sad. That is the last thing anyone needs in a rubbish year like this one. Glad no one was injured. ~Dave