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    Help Needed with Strand House Light Dimmer

    All the Strand gear I have ever seen, a lot, is 10v control but will work on less, but this does not matter as all the Strand dimmers have trimming on the dimmers, which is just as well as they tend to drift around with age, they are wired -10v but most can work +10 by reversing the control...
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    Backup generator for a theater

    If you are running mainly dimmers and switch-mode power supplied gear you will need to increase the rating of your generator by 25% to allow for the awful power factor which a mains supply can cope with but a generator will really struggle with, the more balanced load gear you load it with the...
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    Floor Mount for C-Clamps

    the slot fits a 10mm x 16mm plastic duct to carry dmx
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    LED equivalent

    Could anyone tell me a LED which is directly equivalent to a 1000 Watt par lamp And what does it cost?
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    Floor Mount for C-Clamps

    I make a spotbar which is a 49mm square with one corner radiused to accept the bolt and the flat side will fit an Australian socket, made into a standard H stand it holds a G clamp perfectly. Invented about 40 years ago, I'll try get you a picture.
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    DMX terminator issues?

    I didn't describe the problem very well but if the system wiring has a high impedance due to dirty connections or bad cable then the signal can still get through until you load it up with the terminator you may well find that the system works up to the high impedance point, N,B. testing with a...
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    DMX terminator issues?

    I've had this problem occasionally and it has been faulty cables, now DMX is very forgiving of bad cables but when you add the terminator it loads the circuit and exposes the cable fault.
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    Electrical Knowhow [Newbie Nate’s Question of the Day]

    theatre electrics can be very different from industrial electrics for one very important factor and that is the amount of wave chopping which happens in dimmers and switch mode power supplies, the main symptom of which is very high neutral currents as the phases are not cancelled as in...
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    Sudden dimming trouble

    My first check would be the neutrals on the bar.
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    Replacing borders with no fullness?

    Black masking should always be flat, it's object is to disappear, coloured curtains should have fullness, there object is decorative.Many curtain companies suggest black curtain fullness, it increases their profits considerably.
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    Vintage Lighting Leko w/ a Fresnel Lens

    the 264 had hard and soft shutters which were great for blending, I would like to see the idea revisited, the 263 only had normal shutters.
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    Vintage Lighting Leko w/ a Fresnel Lens

    The most common Fresnel lens is that flat plastic lens on overhead projectors and they are very precise.
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    Vintage Lighting Leko w/ a Fresnel Lens

    well thanks, I have never seen a step lens.
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    Vintage Lighting Leko w/ a Fresnel Lens

    could you elaborate/ I thought they were the same