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    Non-theater guy looking to work in production

    Feel free to email me direct to discuss MFA Production Management. dboeversATcmuDOTedu
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    Game Theory in Management--request to partake in Survey

    I have a student compiling research on the application of Game Theory to Production Management. If you could take a moment to fill out his survey it would be a big help.
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    USITT Conference cosplay?

    THis came up in my feed yesterday and deserves some hivemind thought: What would make good USITT Conference cosplay?
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    College recommendations?

    More than happy to talk to you about CMU. Email me direct at dboevers AT cmu DOT edu
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    High School Summer Tech Theatre Programs

    We have an excellent summer precollege program for Design & Production here at CMU... CMU School of Drama | Summer Pre-College We've had rising juniors before.
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    Technical director MFA

    I've been giving thought to distance learning programs in this field and I have to say that maybe this would work for bits and pieces, but a BFA or an MFA is really an applied degree. I don't think I could see the merit of a fully online/distance scenario. You need the time actually in the...
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    Grad Schools for Technical Direction

    Be happy to talk to you about CMU and about Grad School in general. Shoot me an email at dboevers AT cmu DOT edu
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    Looking for colleges with a strong projection, and possibly LED screens, program.

    Carnegie Mellon Drama has just recently launched a Media and Video Design (grad MFA and undergrad BFA). It's so fresh that it isn't quite on the website yet, but if you page through some of the images there (CMU School of Drama | Design) you can't help but notice it's presence. If you're...
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    Portfolio for College Interview

    I don't think he's talking about CMU. The doc I linked to doesn't specify what he relates.
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    Portfolio for College Interview
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    What Blogs do you follow?

    News from the Real World: News from the "Real World"
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    Higher Education

    Be more than happy to talk to you about the program at Carnegie Mellon. Email me direct: dboevers AT cmu DOT edu Great.
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    Education a must or not??

    So I have a long standing "it depends" flavor answer to this type of query and I think the time has come to change my tune. I don't believe I am saying this, but I think I've finally come round: You will need to go to school to become a successful professional designer. I just don't see...
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    Automated Fixtures What has training come to?

    Sometimes we have these arguments here at work, doesn't matter about what, and in the end my buddy Kevin will lean back and say "yes, it's all a rich tapestry now can we move on." What someone needs to know to take a given gig is going to vary gig to gig. What will be included in a given...
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    Looking at colleges. Need help.

    I'd flip it the other way. If you are *certain* you want to go to grad school then I wouldn't do theatre for undergrad. I'd do theatre IN undergrad, find a program where you can still do shows even if you aren't a major, and take your summers and do summer stock; but I wouldn't major in...