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    Upgrading from Midas M32

    My theatre was in this exact situation last year. Unfortunately there are very few options for reasonably priced consoles with 64+ inputs. We ultimately decided on the Yamaha QL5 with two TIO1608 stage boxes. The whole kit cost us less than $14k and we couldn't be happier with it. Our theatre...
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    Rack panels for some RF linking and Ant. In

    If you're looking for something really custom Front Panel Express will make you anything you can think of. I think they have presets for the Neutrik D size hole and they do have an option to have one side of the hole flat to prevent spinning.
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    Haze with LEED Certification

    I think there was concern for air quality points but I don't see anything in the code that would apply to haze. Another concern that came up was that the fire system uses optical smoke detectors that are inside the duct work. That alone might preclude us from using haze.
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    Haze with LEED Certification

    I'm working in a new venue within a building that has a LEED Platinum green building certification. Because of this our TD is reluctant to use haze. Does anyone have experience using atmospheric effects in green buildings? Thanks, Dan