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    FS: Stage Pin Cable

    I do still have some left. I have the following plus some stage pin to Edison adaptors and some stage pin connectors.1 - 50’ 4 - 25' 6 - 10' 8 - 5'
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    FS: Stage Pin Cable

    I have over 1,000 feet of Stage Pin cable in various lenghts that I'm trying to unload. Most of it has been never used and I'll even make specific lengths if desired. It is Carol 12/3 600v cable with Bates connectors. I would like to see it go to a good home at the high school or college.If...
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    Control/Dimming Leprecon LP-2000 question?

    If you are looking for a used LP-2000, I currently have one up for sale. It is in excellent condition and its the Cue Plus 72 version.Let me know if you interested.
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    Consoles For Sale

    The company I work for is currently selling the following consoles:Avolites Diamond 4 Vision Avolites Diamond 4 Elite Leprecon LP-2000 Cue Plus 72For more information please visit the listings on our website or contact me directly. Thanks!
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    What type of lights are used during this song?

    The LD for Muse does use a lot of lasers especially for that song and it sure does look that thats what he used in that video. We didn't use any on the tour in the U.S. but he considered it. His console of choice is the Hog III. I'll drop him a message and see if those where lasers and what kind...
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    Keeping track of jobs

    For Mac there is a good program called MacFreelance.
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    Looking for a DMX recorder

    I just got 5 of the Elation DR 512 and they are working out real well for us. It will store up to 512 channels, can record up to four shows in the unit but can expand up to 32 shows with a Compact flash card. You can have as many steps as you want. I have one show that runs for 3 hours with...
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    Need console ideas

    Yeah, the inverters are ****ed and we know that. But we gotta run them until they are dead. The inverters we have should only be ran for 5 minutes at a time and we are running them for 2 hours 2-3 times a day. It's very complicated to explain. Kinda have to see the show to understand...
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    Need console ideas

    TimMiller, you don't happen to know a guy in Houston that sells Elation gear that i can pick up tomorrow do you? Im currently in town and it would save on shipping and such. Thanks!
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    Need console ideas

    This was my backup plan and the one I'm going to try and push. Thanks for backing me up!The computer is already wiped clean with only IE and the controller software. Power is a huge issue. The entire system is ran on an inverter and four truck batteries. Adding more power to the mix is going...
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    Need console ideas

    Thats pretty much what I have told production. Right now we are running off of a computer program like LightJockey but its not working out very well and the computers keep resetting themselves and we lose DMX from time to time and have fried a dongle or two. So they have asked me to come up...
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    Maxxyz Compact is here!

    Played with it a few months back. This is good solid console that will be sure to give MA Lighting some competition. Has the same solid power as the Maxxyz full. Overall a great console for a club tour or small to mid-sized venue.
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    Need console ideas

    All I'm running is 5 color blasts, a fogger, and a dimmer. So thats only 18 channels.After review... the smartfades are running around 1k. So thats out if the question now. I am looking at Elation controllers and production bought one but it wont do cue stacks. The biggest issue I see is...
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    Need console ideas

    Alright Kids, I need your help... I am looking for a console or controller that I am able to record cues and be able to trigger programmed effects (such as a color blast sequence) off of a fader or cue stack. The budget is $400 or less. Pretty much i want to have a go button that will...
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    Dark Routines for Movers

    Sorry Grog12, I am a roadie not a English Major. I'll try harder next time... not really.... :)