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    The right college

    If you're itching to learn ML's in order to jumpstart your career, considering attending Vari*Lite's (or Martin's, etc.) certification/training program on a break from school.
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    Who Gets Credit For What?

    "The show must go on." It's what we do. Be honest when you tell the story and use anything that'll help you get the next gig.
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    sound newb questions

    I'm gonna give you my take... You've got some good questions here. 1) What problems might arise from running 6 wireless mics through a compressor or a reverb unit as a group? I recognize that the compression will only affect the strongest signal on stage at the time, but will it hurt quality...
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    Tablet Computers

    I use an iPad regularly to connect to my Digidesign Profile as well as my XTA system processors. As long as your console can run a VNC server, you shouldn't have a problem -- not sure what DiGiCo does, but I'm fairly certain Yamaha doesn't.
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    Audio Monitors

    You can "daisy chain" multiple monitors. Keep in mind they will all have the same mix, however.
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    How to get sound from people above a small orchestra without radio mics?

    Yeah... I was picturing something closer to 10' away from one of the shotguns, maximum.
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    How to get sound from people above a small orchestra without radio mics?

    As Tex mentioned, it's all about the blocking. If you can't get a wireless mic on or near the actor, then you need to find a way to get the actor near a mic. I'd try taking your cardioid rifle mics and strategically place them in front of where the actors you need to lift will be. And then...
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    Microphones Phase Cancellation?

    Even with unlimited budget and resources, the "right" way to handle two mics in each other's faces is to ride the faders as you follow along in the script. Consider it a learning experience -- it's easier than you think.
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    College question

    My experience has been that very few undergrad programs expect any of their tech/design students to have portfolios coming in. Contact the department TD or lighting chair and explain your situation. I'm sure they'll suggest some great intro courses for you to start building your portfolio.
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    First professional call; what to expect/what *NOT* to do...

    Don't slam any case lids shut. Just a pet peeve of mine.
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    Mic goes down?

    There is no "correct" way to handle every surprise that comes your way. Only through experience can you build up your own library of troubleshooting tips to keep in the back of your mind. The best thing you can do to prepare for the inevitable is to know your system inside and out and label...
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    Designer fees and state taxes

    The short of is "it depends." Your home state may have the equivalent of tax-reciprocity with other states, but maybe not. And if so, it probably won't be with all of them. You may, or may not, have to pay taxes on the income in question to your home state even if you've already paid in the...
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    How to get started on tour

    Out of curiosity, what department is your focus? Not all positions are hired the same way.
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    Questionnaire respondents needed for HNC (Sound Engineering) project

    If you're looking for professional users, I'd be happy to help. PM me. Added: If you cross-post this in the Sound/Com section you're likely to get a few more bites.
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    will be doing my first "load out"

    There's a fine line to walk between "looking to help" and becoming "that guy." You do not want to be "that guy." It is a fine art (that many veteran stagehands have mastered) to be available to help with whatever the next project is but not be in the way of what the road guy is doing at the...