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    Strand 300 startup screen

    Yes, as Footer said ensure it is the same Res. Last time I did it I just used the Strand Image and wrote over the top of it in photoshop in a new layer so the text was over their image. Considering we rarely turn our console off there is no real point going to the effort of doing it anymore!
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    Strand 300 startup screen

    if you load the offline editor and look in the folders in my computer you will find there is a image file called strand.bmp or something, if you make a new image with what you want then save it has strand.bmp and replace the file on your strand console it will change the splash screen. this...
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    battery question

    We use Toshiba 9V and AA batteries and at another venue the Energizer Industrial, from what ive seen the Energizer tends to be most common here in Aus, followed by the Toshiba as they are considerably cheaper. It is true that a Duracell battery is slightly longer in the poles than an...
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    Remote Control

    as i write this I am using a parm pilot to change the lighting state in the theatre from the office :) i dont need to see it, i know what is going to happen haha
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    Remote Control

    I agree with footer, any console that can run a network and a vpn and you are set. we run our strand over a wireless network and is accesable from remote locations. we also have a controlsoft arch system which is remotely controllable.
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    Meat racks

    Ive built a couple of my own meat racks for different places, just do the measurements and find someone to weld it up for you, i just used sqaure tube then put some reinforcement triangles on the corners to hold them together, works a treat.
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    Dance recital lighting question

    I do about 20 dance concerts a year... keep it bright, and use the cyc for colour for the younger girls. with Balet use more skin tone, pink and yellow but dont let it get too dim. for the older girls and more of the modern and expressive stuff, use the cyc a fair bit to do shillotte effects...
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    Colour / Blind

    I know an LD who is colour blind aswell, he has never really had a problem and you wouldnt know he is colour blind if you watched one of his shows. He works alot more from Gel Numbers and stuff rather than what it looks like... Just like blind musicians really.
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    Strand 300

    The Strand 300 would be my console of choice, I work on one pretty much everyday and love them. Very good desk for theatre lighting and very capable. I would highly recommend it. I have never had any difficulties running FX off a sub and do it quite often, I also will attach FX amongst other...
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    Hey, I thought we could share pictures of our shows...

    Re: Hey i thought we could share pic of our shows we wet and dry mop our stage almost everyday and have never got it shiny... does it not play havoc with your lx?
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    What a novel concept

    We run a controlsoft system in our venue which is fantastic, sounds very similar to unison. we can turn all the lights off in the building at the end of the shift with one button without having to walk around and do them all seperately, also can set time outs and page's with follow-ons etc. can...
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    How NOT to re-wire your lights.

    I want to reply to something said but dont know how to quote someone so I shall keep my comments to myself hehe
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    Lamp Garden

    well whats a roy-light? ray light looks like a parcan, sometimes called a raycan.
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    How NOT to re-wire your lights.

    We pulled all the soft shutters from our 264, personally they irritate me and they have an awful look when put in line with the beam, they are very much a comb effect and i don't believe they soften the beam at all. The Strand 263's were the brother of the 264 and were sold without the second...
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    Lamp Garden

    I have another 3 or 4 of them I think still with all lamp base etc. in tact however have never used one. They strike me to be a very large crude form of a Ray Can.