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    On the cheap?

    I know when I've needed an extra followspot for a show, I'll grab either a ETC Source 4 or Altman 360Q. I prefer the S4 due to the iris, but the 360Q works too. We actually have an old followspot stand we found and just mounted it to that...with a little luck :) City Theatrical sells handles for...
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    D&B audiotechnik Speakers/Amps

    I myself have never heard of them or even seen an ad..let alone see them for sale.
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    New Mics

    Just a suggestion first before purchasing new mics. This is from a standpoint if not knowing your theater or mics, but try better placement for the wireless receivers. Try putting them closer to the stage. We have a couple of Shure lapels and they work great. We just place the receivers off...
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    Martin Mini-Mac Wash

    Just wondering about what peoples opinions are on the Martin Mini-Mac Wash fixture. What are the benefits, downfalls, and price-to-features ratio. Basically I just want to know if this fixture is worth purchasing if I dont have enough $$ for a "full" Martin fixture. Thanks
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    My ED Article

    Intresting article.....the possibilities of DMX!!! Congrats for a great article in entertainment design magazine.
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    PDA Based lighting applications

    I know LPS by Rosco has a PDA version. But this costs about $99USA and its is for light plots.
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    old mics?

    I dont know if this is what you are looking for, but here is the link. It is not the best price around though:
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    Firework Sound Effects Needed

    Fireworks are illegal in MA!! Just go online and do a sound search on something such as google or yahoo.
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    Video stage monitoring

    Yep, I have a short snake that is 1/4in to RCA.
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    Video stage monitoring

    I use the sound (RCA) output and put it though our snake right to our booth. Then instead of using speakers I just plug in my old trusty headphones.
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    Video stage monitoring

    I set up a CCTV feed in my school as well. I have a camera backstage monitoring the fly system, and just a general view of the stage. I also positioned it so that when our scrim is down i can view behind it w/o having to light behind it. I send the feeds from this view to our "booth" and this...
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    Help with Cans

    When I think of cans I think of Par cans (par 64 ect...). I think magickc is talking about an intercom system. Not too sure though. More deatils please..........
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    Random Humor of the Theater

    Well, I love how people complain to me the LD that it is too cold, warm, not loud enough, too loud, ect..(you get the idea). Well since our lighting board is situated FOH when intermission comes people come to me to compain about the above mentioned stuff. So this is why I have a few submasters...
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    new in chicagoland

    Hey WELCOME!! Hope to learn from you. The official welcome waggons should be around soon.
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    Fresnel Lenses

    I have had one shatter one time while only the other tech and i were on the stage(thanfully). This specific lens was chipped a little on the edge. We think this caused it to shatter into about 5 pieces.