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    Looking to purchase 18 Chauvet Pin Spot 2

    Hi, Iam looking to purchase 18 Chauvet Pin Spot 2's. If there any dealers that have them available in stock please give me call. I need to make this purchase asap. Thanks. Jay 732-397-1925 Raaz Entertainment, LLC Raaz Entertainment
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    Purchasing LED wall washers

    I love this site. Everyone has been so helpful. Iam planning on purchasing more LED units to wall wash. Currently I have 36 ColorBlast 12 TR from Color Kinetics. I need to buy 24 or 36 more units, but the problem is I dont know what to get. I researched the American DJ Mega Bars Pro, the...
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    Guests are knocking my LEDs down

    hey guys speaking of the colorblast tr 12 leds...does anyone know the correct dip switch numbers on the PDS-750 TR...I want to create a chase sequence..not the usual color fades, and strobes which i use Quick Player for, but actual chases.. Also iam looking to buy more LED units for wall...
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    Guests are knocking my LEDs down

    Love the idea of the clear plastic totes. Unfortunately its just a little to low-end to bring to a high end reception. I could just imagine the bride and groom looking at the totes, and then me, and back at the tote with a smirk.
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    Guests are knocking my LEDs down

    Techno, im not looking for a specific brand. Just something to place infront of the led units so kids other guests wont or cant step on them, kick it, or worse--drop a plate of food on it shattering the frosted glass..hahaha..the things i come
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    Guests are knocking my LEDs down

    Hi Fellas, I need some advice on what I can purchase to protect my colorblast 12 leds. I place these units around the perimeter of the ballroom to color wash the room. But since the units are on the ground, theres guests walking about the kids running around knocking them over. I think I...
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    Just booked a reception with PIN SPOTs...HELP

    Hey Guys Thanks for all the replies. To answer of the questions, Yes i will be investing in the pinspots. I think iam going to buy around 30. lll just add it to my inventory i guess. I already have 8 Elation 250Pros, 36 Color Blast TR 12s, and a full mackie based sound system. My primary...
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    Recommendation for Gobo projection

    I am also a Mobile DJ based out of NJ. For my customized monograms, I use the Martin PR1. I like it because you can adjust the size and clarity, based on the distance. We have a few of them and they work perfectly. -DjJay
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    Just booked a reception with PIN SPOTs...HELP

    Hey guys im new on the site, so im not sure where to start. My name is Jay, and i own an operate a south asian entertainment company based out of New Jersey. We do alot of weddings, and fundraisers, corporate events, etc. I just booked a reception where they want PIN SPOTS for every other...