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    Anyone tried a ProDowser?

    Trying to put together a projections package for under $1000, and it's becoming quickly apparent that I'm not going to get a long throw projector for anything less than an arm and a leg. That said, I need to mount the projector closer and by extension need a remote dowser. Has anyone...
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    Controlling Non-Dim LEDs

    By adding them to the series? Interesting, I'll look into that. Thanks.
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    Controlling Non-Dim LEDs

    Also, a friend suggested a sin-wave dimmer pack, but I don't think we can get our hands on one.
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    Controlling Non-Dim LEDs

    So I'm ALDing an Opera, and the set designer put in some LED Christmas lights into the set (which, admittedly, look a lot better than my anti-Christmas light self expected). They are non-dim, but we've been able to control them backstage on a spot dimmer (because it dims by resistance), but we...