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    Clear-Com Headset Pinout

    Perhaps I need to make a new one for the samsung galaxy s5. It looks like it might be TRRS. I thought I saw somewhere it's pin out was Left, Right, Mic, Ground.
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    Clear-Com Headset Pinout

    I have the following Headset Pin 1 - normal Pin 2 - normal Pin 3 - normal (plus tip of 3.5mm) Pin 4 - normal (plus sleeve of 3.5mm)
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    Clear-Com Headset Pinout

    Additional question here... I hacked together a headset adapter to allow the input of my iphone/ipod/galaxys5 etc audio into the clear com headset. I basically soldered the 3.5mm stereo plug to onto pin3 and pin4 of the clear com headset cable. It works somewhat. I can listen to the clear...
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    Control/Dimming Ion DMX with Strand SN110

    So what is the actual change in the slow/fast toggle on the console. I am assuming the fast is 44Hz but that is an assumption. Does anyone know the actual changes that take place from that fast/slow toggle. I am curious to know because we had a situation with a Martin Ether2DMX8 output...
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    Control/Dimming Strand SN100 vs N21 and grandma2 or ETC Eos

    Is there a difference between the SN nodes and the N21 nodes in Strand's Shownet? We have an old flavor Strand Shownet with SN nodes. I have read some info online that says N21 nodes are able to work on all Shownet networks. At one point I thought it was said the N21 nodes were not compatible...
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    Chain Motor Case Drawings/Design

    I am looking for a summer project here at work. I was just being lazy and hoping there was a set of drawings/plans online somewhere. I guess I am going to have to measure and make something up.
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    Chain Motor Case Drawings/Design

    Building some motor case boxes for work, not ata style just for transport around the theater. I had drawings for simple case designs but am not able to find them. I found them on the internet but can't seem to find them online now either. Anyone have a good source for any type of...
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    Solenoid on an SCR Dimmer

    Anyone ever put a solenoid on a SCR dimmer? How does it behave? I have never had to put a solenoid on an SCR dimmer because we always had separate control for a kabuki drop. We have someone coming through our place saying he wants to do this, solenoid for kabuki drops on our dimmers (strand...
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    MA Lighting Network Backbone & AMX controller integration

    I appreciate all the info and responses but as always the way with techs/designers (I'm guilty of this too) the question is getting off topic and the responses are taking on their own form. I know what needs to be done to make the system work, what needs to be interfaced between AMX...
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    MA Lighting Network Backbone & AMX controller integration

    Starting to kick around replacing the Strand shownet network/setup , console (550's,510's,300's) due to lack of parts mainly. Current multiple space venue has complete shownet backbaone through out venue. Each performance space has a 510 running house/work lights/relays etc with AMX (Corp not...
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    Strand 300 Series Midi/Smpte card.

    Anyone out there come across on of these items. It's a Midi option card for the Strand 300 series console. They were discontinued a while back and I am having trouble finding one. I was hoping to pick one up on ebay. No luck though. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Dennis