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    Easy and bulletproof tool for interfacing X32/OSC with cue mgmt software for mutes/punch-ins?

    James Holt’s x32 Theatre Control does exactly what you’re looking for. Really easy to understand and use and automates things very nicely. Also has the ability to be controlled via qLab
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    Midas Verona Talkback

    Tyler, Your 320 should have a 'Talk External' switch below and to the left of the face-mounted input. This should enable the rear talkback XLR jack as you have requested. --Matt
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    mic tape

    I carry Transpore and Durapore. Both by 3m Durapore takes makeup and hides well. Buy a case at a time from amazon and save some $
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    Shure Mic isn't connecting from stage

    I'm sure FMEng is not too far away, but in the meantime, have you tried tuning the transmitter to one of your known good frequencies? (Ie. turn off beltpack X and tune the 'bad' beltpack to X's freq?) . Could it be a squelch issue? Or maybe a cable is disconnected someplace? --Matt
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    Console Recommendation for High School + Theatre Academy?

    The Ion vs Element banter is quite entertaining!! In all seriousness, one additional factor to consider (that may have been mentioned, but I didn't see it) is that the Element is limited to 2 Universes of output and the Ion XE starts at 4 Universes and can be expanded from there. I'm not sure...
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    Is it safe to download Catalina yet (for Mac users)?

    Wasn't Catalina also supposed to end support for 32-bit applications?
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    Getting Started with Nomad

    I know folks that use the lxkey and xkey setups, but I am personally partial to my homebrew version. If you search Amazon for 'Cherry SPOS'-- such as this one...
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    Control/Dimming Simultaneous Network and OSC Messages

    As Malabaristo stated, the true answer is 'no', QLab cannot transmit two messages at the exact same moment. If two messages need to be sent, they will fire within microseconds of each other, and will appear to us lowly humans as being fired at the same time. I haven't tried sending...
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    Control/Dimming Networking ETC Element and iRFR

    Sounds like you got it working, but also note that the console should be plugged into ports 1-4 on that router and not the 'Internet' port. Depending on the router, this can have an impact on firewall settings as well as cause DHCP issues.
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    Backstage Intercom Best Solution

    We often send a video feed backstage and place TV's wherever they are needed. The benefits of this include individual volume control per room / location and the added benefit of being able to see where we are in the show. Audio is fed from an open hanging mic onstage, and you could easily mix...
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    Budget Wireless Element Suggestions

    Thanks to all for your insight and recommendations! --Matt
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    Budget Wireless Element Suggestions

    I know the question has been asked before... but I'm wondering what opinions folks have regarding the budget wireless microphone element offerings currently on the market (Bodymics, etc.) I own 8 Countryman B3's and have a slew of ME2's with some being on their last legs. I'm running into an...
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    Complex MADI failover

    I think DrewE and MNicolai might be headed in the right direction with regards to the Ring-type network setup with Dante. In theory, all of your connections on the set piece could be connected to a switch (not router) located within this set piece. Your house-side audio configuration would...
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    Network Administrator introduces a new wrinkle

    Good Morning! Is there any chance that perhaps the board member introducing the system was being a little overzealous? WiFi blocking is an illegal practice as defined by the FCC: Heavy fines have been levied against alleged...
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    QLab alternatives for old macs

    If you are interested in installing the 2.3.9 version of Qlab, it should still work on your machine. Be aware that Figure 53 hasn't offered any support for these versions for years now, and they will not be able to sell you a license for advanced features because they have changed their...