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    Martin Jem Magnum 2000 Troubleshooting

    Thank you Gentlemen Off I go.......into the Parts Chasing Joe
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    Best fluorescent blacklight tubes? And their data?

    I just [email protected]'d Martin Rush Par-4 UV and LOVED Them. I just wish they where larger. The Fixture generates light @ 400mW Wavelength UV. The Par-4 UV is Programmable, (Both DMX and Stand Alone. It has GREAT DIMMER and STROBE features where you...
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    Martin Jem Magnum 2000 Troubleshooting

    What "Switch" are you referring to? The Thermal Switch?
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    Martin Jem Magnum 2000 Troubleshooting

    Thank you Ron; Matt; I will cut off the end and reinstall the Tubing Connnection at the Supply Tand, THANK YOU Mac! No Puddling,No Chugging or stopping. I'm not sure but It might of ran very low on Fluid as it was installed in a Halloween Scene. The Thermo Switch DID NOT Activate I...
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    Martin Jem Magnum 2000 Troubleshooting

    I've had this unit for 20yrs and clean and service it after every use. I really want to rebuild the Unit as it's been a Beast It ran for about 2hrs during an event and the Fog Output decreased by 75% as well as the force pressure. Both Red Lights and Green Light Illuminates. Timer Option was...
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    Automated Fixtures Martin Professional Quality today???

    I've worked with Martin fixtures for a long time, (so long ago when they we made in Denmark) when you could call Martin 24/7 and get an EXPERIENCED TECHNICIAN call you back and work through issues with you. I've noticed that both Martin's Customer Service and Quality have degradated. I've...
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    Martin Rush Troubleshooting

    Here.s a dumb question? Have you called Tech Dept at Martin?