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    What did you see that you liked ar USITT 2014

    There was a company called Plot Light that was advertising a paperwork software for tablets and mobile devices that included a drafting software that could import/export with Vectorworks. Might be interesting for when I no longer have a VW Student License, as the $8/month subscription fee is...
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    Theatre Not-for-Profit Status & Student Loan Forgiveness

    The document I'm referencing can be found here: The gist of it is that if you make 120 payments on your student loans while working at certain kinds of not-for-profit organizations (full time at one job, or a...
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    Non-payment by client on an invoice. What to do?

    If you end up in small claims court, make sure to bring any texts or emails that mention them paying you, especially if they say the amount. The ones saying they agree to paying for the extra days would also be helpful. If no amount is ever discussed, ask around and get documentation from other...
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    My first theatre job

    First real job is my current $8.25/hour job as an on-call technician (read:gopher) for the entertainment department at a local amusement park.
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    Baylor theatre technology

    I don't know much about Baylor's program, but I know many of the schools I talked to were more than open to letting me switch my emphasis if I decided I wanted to move over to another part of the program and some even encouraged it so I wouldn't worry about most of your experience being in set...
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    Baylor theatre technology

    If you're thinking about changing your major to Tech, make sure the head of the department knows that. I've found that college programs (especially at private schools) tend to have some decent scholarship money for people who major in Theatre. Also, I know you said they offered you the work...
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    food and drinks in the control booth

    We don't have any official rules against it, but all of the people who use the booth are pretty much in agreement that we should leave that stuff in the stairwell leading up to the booth. If it's going to be a late night or we're pulling back to back rehearsals without much of a break, we...
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    Potential Seussical light disaster

    An easy and free program would be LXFree for Java. If you have a little time to learn and plan on continuing with lighting, it would probably be a good idea to learn Vectorworks or AutoCAD. I know Vectorworks offers a free student license, AutoCAD might. They have a bit of a learning curve...
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    Training for New Crew Members

    Re: Training for New Crew Member At my school, we've only ever had a couple of student TDs (never any faculty ones) and that was when the program first started. Instead we have one student in charge of each crew (we divide it into Set, Lights, Sound, Paint, Props, Costumes, and House &...
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    dmx lighting software for windows

    If you have the DMX-USB interface, there's a program called "Lights Up!" that's pretty easy to learn. Patching can be a bit of a pain (I'm probably just doing it the hard way), but with your setup that shouldn't be a big problem. You can figure the program out in about an hour, it's free, and it...
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    "Autograph" wall?

    At my High School, seniors get to sign/write a quote on a small wall in the room where we store our props and they get to scratch their name and year into the paint of a vent going down into one of the tool rooms. When four year members graduate, they get to paint a brick in the paint room. Up...
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    Free Online Classes

    Thanks, I was just looking at learning more about sound.
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    High school plays - what shows are you doing and have you done?

    Freshman year we did Steel Magnolias, Boys Next Door, Shadow Box, and Urinetown. Sophomore year we did Charlie Brown, Crimes of the Heart, Ruby's Story, and Sweeney Todd. Junior year we did Rabbit Hole, Curious Savage, And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson, August: Osage County, and Putnam. This...
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    Coastal Carolina University?

    Wow, seems like their program is just as good as he made it sound. I actually have a portfolio review with Texas Wesleyan coming up. Other than that, my top two picks are in Oklahoma. I really love San Antonio but I never hear anything from or about colleges there. I honestly thought UIW was...
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    Coastal Carolina University?

    I just got back from the North Texas Drama Auditions the other day and I'm trying to learn more about some of the colleges that interested me. Does anybody know anything about Coastal Carolina? It doesn't look like CB has any members from there. The person I talked to told me that their...