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    Outboard Gear The Too-Many-Headsets Problem

    I would attack this slightly differently. I would use an AudioCom US-2002 as the base station. It has 2 channels of intercom and 2 balanced program inputs that can be direct routed to the just the attached headset. It also has PA / paging mic function that could be routed back to the console as...
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    Controllable clock hands

    It is possible to make but a physical clock with motorized 7ft hands will likely be dangerously powerful if you want it to advance more than a couple times faster than normal with the hands in the correct sync. I don't know what you are defining as "very fast" but if my math is correct the tip...
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    Williamstown Theatre Festival Sound Crew Walks Off

    @MNicolai Thank you, that does lend some clarity. It changes the tone of my comments somewhat but I think the section about art and business is still some what valid in a general sense so I will leave it as is.
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    Williamstown Theatre Festival Sound Crew Walks Off

    Perhaps I am missing something but from what I can gather from this article the show was long on art and idealism but short on any form of competent business management. None of the problems presented in the article seem particularly hard to overcome, mostly consisting of the crew getting wet...
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    Cat5 Extension

    A word of caution on the "RJ-45" connectors ( / coupler / barrel ): I have tested several of these type of unmarked connectors in a cable string with a Fluke Versiv certification tool and they will not pass CAT 5e standards. They are an electrical connector for phone service only and are not...
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    Hoist Motor Power

    For the most part, yes, unless as you say it is a high leg delta. It would be extremely odd for a neutral to be pulled out to cams on a high leg system but not impossible that someone has done it for some reason. Very few high leg systems are even installed anymore. The point I was driving at...
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    Hoist Motor Power

    I must disagree with this part of your statement, the industry standard of black red blue for 120/208v power is not mandated anywhere in the NEC. The NEC does not even cover any color code other than reserving green, white, gray, and orange for grounds, neutrals, and high legs respectively and...
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    Vintage Lighting Stage Plug Quad Box

    Based on the way the fuses are bused together and the cord grip size, I would say this was originally intended as a distribution box for a high amperage feed or dimmer not just a 4fer. 100a seems reasonable given the size of that cord clamp with it being 2 wire.
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    Flying Chair

    It would require a ton of coordination, but a skycam style rig might work. A static 4 point rig to 2 travelers with 2 carriers each might also do what you wanted.
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    What Deregulates a Hard Hat?

    I would say if your hard hat is on fire, hot spots from stickers are likely a minor problem in the grand scheme of things.
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    What Deregulates a Hard Hat?

    This FAQ from MSA is a very good guide to hard hat care and explains some of the reasoning behind the rules.
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    Common neutrals and relay controlled circuits

    The only down side to multi wire branch circuits is the handle tie requirement. If you overload one leg you can knock out up to 3 sets of outlets. Since a MWBC is normally wired close together and with the low power requirements of LEDs, that could take out a large chunk of lighting. Adding a...
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    Sprocket ?

    As far as I can tell from the pictures the jack shaft exists because the sprocket on the clutch has to be larger than the body of the clutch and they needed a smaller sprocket to get the required reduction.
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    Installation of a Telex PS-2001L

    Yes, provided that there is no other power source on the line that is about the sum of it.
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    Telex BP1002 problems

    You may want to check for AC voltage on the output. One of the caps may have failed, other that that there is not much else to it.