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    Multiple Wireless DMX protocol transmitter?

    Maybe I'm just daydreaming here... Is there a product out there that outputs on multiple Wireless DMX bands? Something that can talk both to CRMX units and W-DMX units? Or is this not feasible?
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    elation led par issue

    The problem follows the unit as far as I can tell. As we work events, the unit gets moved around a lot in different configurations.
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    elation led par issue

    I'm using 9 Elation opti-tri pars on one dmx daisy chain. The middle unit is false firing, causing it to flash sporadically. No amount of different cable configurations solves the issue, so the problem doesn't reside in the cables. It m must be an internal issue, any advice on how to fix it...
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    Automated Fixtures Chauvet Profiles for ETC Element

    Hello, Our theatre department just purchased six Chauvet LED Q-Wash 560s. However, our ETC Element does not have the proper profile. Where can I download one? (I tried writing it myself but it wouldn't work)
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    Hey, I thought we could share pictures of our shows...

    Here's a shot from my University theatre's production of "Far Away", June 2011, for which I designed lights.
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    Splicing Gel

    Fusing gels Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to fuse two gels together. (e.g., if I wanted a 7" gel frame with half R#42 and R#80) Thanks!
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    Apollo Right Arm

    Rather than making a new thread, I'm posting my question here in hopes that someone will see it - I am using the Apollo Right Arm 2. In the manual, it designates that it can be used in 8 bit or 16 bit. I was wondering if there is a way to switch between the two (or if I'm asking a silly...