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    Design Issues and Solutions Coronavirus Support for the lighting Industry

    Hey Controlbooth! As the global impact of CoViD-19 and the resulting closure of public spaces around the world has severely impacted the entertainment industry, we have done everything possible as a small business to support our industry. As an on-line web-based service, many students who are...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Lighting Plot Software Solution Needed

    Of course! Either grab the control handle on the selected PDF and pull with your mouse or select the PDF and hold down shift while pressing the Left and Right arrow keys to rotate in 45° increments. For fastest support, use the in-app Feedback button to send an email directly to our support staff.
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    Free CAD tool for Student Designers

    We have been asked by a lot of people for a student version of Drafty and today we are rolling out our student discount. Drafty AV and Drafty LX are now free for students with an active .EDU email address for a year. For more details click here...
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    Who is going to USITT 2017?

    We'll be there showing at booth 1530. Come by and say hello!
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    SETC 2017 - Lexington, KY

    We will be there showing at booth 204. Come on by and say hello!
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    VW > Lightwright not transferring addresses

    May be worth looking into for you, we offer an integrated drafting and paperwork solution for lighting designers so there's no need to manage version or field compatibility issues between different pieces of software. You can take it for a spin at and see if it might...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Lighting Plot Software Solution Needed

    You might like our product ( as we are intentionally simple to use and avoid unnecessary complexity like 3D by design. While we do not offer a free student version, we do have a free 30 day trial, and as a monthly subscription based cloud solution you can easily...
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    Cloud Based Lighting Paperwork

    We love cloud based lighting solutions! I am curious, is there anything more you would need than what we ( do?
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    Introducing Drafty

    "For many of the tasks you need to do every day when generating lighting plans or audio or video schematics, Drafty offers incredibly elegant, powerful solutions - elegant because they have been so well thought out by people who do the same things you do, powerful because they almost always just...
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    Introducing Drafty

    Greetings! just released its 1.1 version today and we have a brand new Signal Flow/Patch tool for Audio and Video designers. When you log-in hold down the Shift key while pressing the Audio button or Shift-C. The Audio button or the 'C' key will make a speaker object...
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    Introducing Drafty

    Drafty, a streamlined cloud-based CAD tool for lighting, sound, and video designers has made its official 1.0 launch. Drafty outputs high-quality paperwork in less time than traditional CAD programs. It ships with a library of hundreds of scale-accurate lighting, sound, video, and scenic...
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    Introducing Drafty

    I'll keep an eye on things here to take feedback and answer questions, but it may make sense to move general program questions over to our user forum.!forum/drafty
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    Introducing Drafty

    ANSI A is 8.5X11. Because we save files to gDrive you can use the sharing features built into Drive to share with collaborators. So you and your Electricians can work on the same file throughout the tech process. No need to sync files, link or re-link files, everything is contained in one...
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    Introducing Drafty

    Thanks for the compliment! Truss objects can be made by holding down the Alt/Opt key which turns the [Pipes] button into a [Truss] button. Last used is absolutely on our feature list. To speed things up right now try the 'L' key which will drop a Light at the cursor point. If you hold down the...
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    Introducing Drafty

    Thanks for the heads up! First read this as Macbook Air. No, it is not designed as a mobile application so you will need a laptop or desktop running Safari or Chrome. Mobile Safari is actually a *very* different browser than Safari under the hood. I'll add a notice on the website for people...