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    Who has a cordless impact driver?

    Say what you 10 years time I have yet to have my craftsmen screwguns fail to operate. I recently moved to lithium ion and added some impact drivers to the mix. What I found was that sears often have sales, plus they often will include both drill, driver and such packaged together...
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    Thank you for your suggestions. I will be creating a ship mast out of sono-tube as suggested and we have some of the necessary accoutrement in our storage. We will be staging the falling of the mast upstage where the actor will be revealed to have the mast on him rather than the action being a...
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    So we are doing Les Miz and there is a point where the male lead lifts a heavy object off of an innocent by standard, thereby restarting up a plotline. This heavy object most often is a heavy wagon...sometimes with a canon and such in the rear. The production I am designing for is in a space...
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    Flying climbable ladder

    Wierd...I just saw this on So You Think You Can Dance. They had a similar ladder height...but ladder had 45 degree supports at bottom and bolted onto a plywood base which gave it lower stability with fly lines pulled taught for upper stability.
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    monitor bass guitar

    Is it safe to run bass guitar through my ev sx400 stage monitors? My musical director wants the bass line to be heard (I usually just put main keys through...but I aim to please). I have no intention of running it through if ithe answer is no.
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    Calendar Sync

    Having a singular calendar that is easy to access at a moments notice is important. Having it available for PM's, SM's, Directors, etc. is paramount. For quite some time google calendar had the answer in a free web-based calendar that anyone with clearance could access and edit on any...
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    Hiding actors onstage using lighting

    I didn't see that if you had said if they had a white back ground or not...what is their background? I like winters idea, you might also play with scrim/lighting. Frankly, no matter how much money or time or effort you put into, having someone appear from nowhere is only as good as the...
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    Management from afar

    I am surprised that google specifically would not seek to make its software more intuitive by putting all of its software into one place...much like online educational software. I would actually pay a modest subscription fee for that.
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    Management from afar

    Though there have been many posts similar in years past...I suppose it is time to discuss again. In this time of "Dropbox", with 1gb of free cloud space, free online project management software, and free twitter/facebook/any other social media...I would be surprised to find that there is not...
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    Secure the Wagons

    Did you figure twice the weight of the actor or what?
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    Secure the Wagons

    Stage screws or slip pin hinges would require the unit to be moved with razor sharp precision in order for the hardware to align....I don't see my crew managing that.
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    Secure the Wagons

    We are currently producing Cyrano de Bergerac. I am wanting to construct a small balcony with stairs on a 4x8 castered platform for the balcony scene. My problem is this, though making a stable step unit and platform is certainly no problem...when we put an actor on top with the hole unit on a...
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    Glitter - I still hate it.

    confetti cannon anyone?
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    Refurbishing stage floor

    how did you screw through masonite and the cement filler without cracking up the hardened filler?
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    can you screw into the stage?