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    Need diagram for Electro Controls 6424B dimmer module

    The dimmer output would be the same as pretty much any standard dimmer. Unless the LED fixture is specifically designed to work with a standard dimmer, it oughtn't be used. Nearly all theatrical LED fixtures are not suited for use on dimmers. Some household LED bulbs are dimmable and probably...
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    Recommended strategy for using two mixers?

    Full Compass lists replacement parts for man Allen and Heath mixers, including the GL2800. They don't list them as in stock so one would have to call about availability. Prices didn't look too out of line to me. My impression, without any actual data or direct experience to back it up, is...
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    Remote control wall clock??

    There are various master clock systems used (or formerly used) in schools, businesses, etc. where some central controller would signal all the clocks to readjust to a central time. Repurposing one of them might do what you want, or be a start to doing it. My observation has been that many...
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    Flying Chair

    Masked stagehands in black body suits? I don't see a suspended chair stopping in place very convincingly; a chair on a rope makes a pretty decent pendulum. It also generally seems fraught with head-bonking potential.
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    Motorpickle DIY

    I'm generally in favor of DIY stuff, but there are a few things here that give me pause, mainly because this is working with what I assume is a line-voltage circuit. If the hoists use a low voltage control system then most of these concerns aren't really applicable and I've just proven how...
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    Speakers peaking

    Assuming nothing is physically broken, I rather suspect the system should be plenty for a jazz choir concert, assuming the venue is not enormous and you're going for appropriate sound levels. It sounds to me rather like a gain staging issue, possibly at the amplifiers or whatever speaker...
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    Calculate the force upon the slings

    It's indeed 1000 lb tension on each line, but to be pedantic about it only 500 lbs of the load is supported by each one; the other "extra" force ends up as compression across the top of the load. Put another way, the vector sum of all forces on the load (gravity and the tension from the two...
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    light up Wolf eyes?

    I might experiment with 3M Scotchlight or similar reflective material. If the rest of the costume (and set) are comparatively drab and non-reflective, it could be quite effective, I suspect, and pretty easy to accomplish. This is not based on actual experience of using Scotchlight in a...
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    Motorpickle DIY

    Most XLR connectors actually are rated for 120VAC operation by their manufacturers, at surprisingly high currents. Here's the specification sheet for Switchcraft A series male connectors for one example. One good reason not to use a three-pin XLR connector for a hoist is that sometime...
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    NSI DS8 schematic

    Do you need the front panel controls at all? Could you just unplug the front panel controls entirely (and maybe plug them back in on the odd chance you need to adjust the patch or other settings on the dimmer)?
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    Slot Machine!

    An older machine might well be better, in fact, as most modern ones are basically video games (with computer screens for the interesting bits) and quite probably would tend to glare or get washed out or both under stage lighting. There may very well be some legal requirement to have it not be...
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    Hanging Monitors

    I have a little bit of experience with EV ZX1's; they sound pretty nice to my ears and have hang points (for the vertical orientation only). The installed version, the ZX1i, has a very nice adjustable arm bracket system that should be pretty straightforward to safely rig to a pipe or truss, but...
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    Hanging Monitors

    Do you really mean greater than $400, or is that a typo for less than $400?
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    In-lobby/dressing room video monitor

    Wi-fi is going to have more or less (noticeable) latency, and YouTube more. Whether or not that's a problem for your particular situation is not something I can say. Digital wired connections also can have some latency, but I suspect generally less than wireless systems. As a general thing...
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    No Booth?

    A passenger elevator that goes to exactly one floor? Very little, and any carpenter could build one; indeed, I could build one myself. If it goes between two or more floors? That's rather more expensive! :dance: (Thank you very much, I'll be here all week...)