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    Shure Microflex with bodypack transmitter?

    Shure does also advertise the ULXD8 wireless base specifically for the Microflex line of microphones, with mute buttons and lights and a tabletop form factor. I agree with themuzicman that, especially given you've seen it work, it will work just fine. There's not much if any way for a...
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    Mover recommendation

    I've read really, really good things about the Chauvet Maverick Silens 2 profile. I don't have any actual personal experience with one, though.
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    Adhesive to mount lighting gels to clear acrylic sheets.

    It might work to apply them like a decal with nothing more than a few drops of water, working out all the bubbles (by peeling back a side/corner and rolling it back on carefully, or by squeegeeing, for example).
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    Should I pull the trigger on an M7?

    Frankly, I'd probably go for an X32 or M32. I don't know that the sound quality is "better than average" these days for a digital console, but they're all so good that the mixer is generally not going to be anywhere near the limiting factor in sound quality. It is (or at least can be) superior...
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    The Woodstock Academy includes Chroma-Q® and Follow-Me in Loos Center for the Arts

    Skip, skip, skip to the Loos, Skip, skip, skip to the Loos, Skip, skip, skip to the Loos, Skip to the Loos, my Darling.
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    Chandelier "falling"

    Is the chandelier is always visible? Does it just need to descend from the set's "ceiling" height to floor height in a safe and controlled manner, and not disappear entirely for some scenes? I think your basic idea of using a batten in the fly system sounds very much workable, provided of...
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    Tree around a truss

    If you only need ca. 270 degrees of coverage, couldn't you make a tree minus a truss-shaped notch on the hidden side, sort of a C shaped thing, and then slide it around the truss and secure it with a clamp or whatever? Without needing to have a split tree to assemble?
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    Expanding Curriculum: Video and Broadcast Streaming

    Maybe a few words on sound design/micing/mixing for streaming and video, and how it relates to and differs from the live sound mix? Basic video switching and production techniques--types of shots, transitions, operation of some video swtichers/controllers, that sort of thing; I think some of...
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    Tree around a truss

    There are many, many connectors available that could join the halves together securely. I suppose the traditional theatrical connector would be a loose-pin hinge. Here are some other options that might work well (links from Lee Valley, but they'd be available elsewhere also): Striplox 180D...
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    God of Carnage vomit effect

    The problem isn't that the pipe can't generally withstand the pressure; it can, as evidenced by the pressure rating for liquids. (Pressure on the pipe from liquids when it's sitting there pressurized isn't different from pressure from gasses.) The problem is what happens should it fail. PVC...
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    God of Carnage vomit effect

    Standard PVC pipe should not be used with compressed air or other compressed gasses. The reason is that PVC, when it fails, tends to do so by shattering into sharp little shards, and with compressed air or other gasses these get propelled out at great speed. People have been seriously injured...
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    Low-buck hearing assist

    I might try experimenting with a few hanging choir microphones suspended from the grid for hearing assist pickup. I use the word experiment for a reason--I don't know whether it would work out very well in practice or not. You do have a little bit of a challenge in that space, no doubt. It...
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    Low-buck hearing assist

    At my church, we have a lower-end Listen Technologies RF system that seems to work quite well. It appears they run around $1700 for the kit with a transmitter and four receivers. (The ADA dictates some "guidance" on how many receivers you need based on audience capacity.) I don't know if that...
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    For the X32 full board people, question

    Be aware that routing was quite a bit more constrained in old versions of the firmware: you could only assign input sources to channels in banks of eight, rather than being able to do it individually. If what you see doesn't match up with the video above, that's probably why and you would be...
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    Repurposing SDI Cable as XLR?

    That would depend on where the phantom power supply--such as one of the DI boxes you mention-- is in relation to the disconnected shield wire. You need all three connections between the source of phantom power and the microphone being powered. If you have a power supply on the microphone side...