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    Education Questions

    I almost went to Portland State a few years back. I couldn't afford the "name" schools. I loved PSU, but ended up finding an afforable no-name school with a better theatre program. As far as no-name schools go, it's a decent one. Not the best, but just like anything else, you'll get out of it...
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    What is your "official" title?

    At my school, we have an "Assistant Professor of Technical Direction," meaning that he is a tenure-track faculty member. He teaches probably 9-12 credits a semester in tech direction and other stagecraft areas (I had him for Intro to Stagecraft and have him for a CAD class right now). He's also...
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    Resume and Cover Letter Advice?

    Some humble notes on your newest draft, from a fellow undergrad who is obsessive about his résumé: -I don't typically see "objective" on theatre resumes. Not that it is a bad thing necessarily, but it certainly isn't required or expected. -What is your primary position? It seems odd to have...