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    Telex BP-1000/1002 volume differences

    I opened several to compare, and I can't see any difference between identical units (since the PCB's are different on some) between ones that are loud and ones that are soft. All have their switches and jumpers in the same positions. Maybe it's just capacitor wear or some other part that is...
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    Telex BP-1000/1002 volume differences

    I recently pulled all the headsets and cable out of my space to do some maintenance and to put all new cable in. While testing all the beltpacks and headsets, I noticed that some of them seem to have louder volume coming into the headset than others, meaning other people will sound louder to me...
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    Conductor Monitor and Latency with Digital

    These videos are immensely helpful, thanks so much for posting them! So I take it you have been in this situation and were trying to get some real world data. To us, the difference between 0ms and 33ms was pretty small. When staring in the middle of those two images, it was hard to tell the...
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    Conductor Monitor and Latency with Digital

    I'll start by acknowledging that there are a lot of scattered threads on this topic. I've been doing a lot of searching here an other places on this topic, and a lot of what I find is several years old or doesn't have much specific info. Most of it points to CRT TV's and analog cameras. While...
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    Another thumbs up for CBI products. My local shop deals with them, and I've ordered many custom snakes from them, you can even specify custom labeling on each cable.
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    Sound f/x Show Cue Systems - feedback?

    When I first started at this theatre, they had a PC and had already purchased SCS. I became very fluent with it, and I do think it's easy to use and works well. Personally, I use Macs. Once we got a Mac Mini at the theatre, we started using Qlab because someone had a license, and I just liked...
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    Sound f/x Show Cue Systems - feedback?

    Our theatre used it for many years before transitioning fully to Macs and Qlab. It was fairly bug free, but I did sometimes struggle with getting audio settings correctly setup depending on the computer and sound card. Mike is very good about responding to emails and helping track down issues...
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    Cue Light Systems

    I can't seem to find any other thread on this topic, so I'll resurrect this one. I'm trying to find a cue light system to install in our space. Ideally, it would be something that could be run over Cat5 cable, so that it's easy to run to the tech table, but also have run from the call...
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    behringer x32

    Are the DCA's programmable by scene? I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, and the manual isn't nearly as dense as the LS9 manual. I'm looking to rent an X32 to try out on a run of Shrek that we're doing soon. Since there are only 16 faders at a time on the side, I'd like mainly mix by...
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    Wireless Sennheiser v Shure

    Our company has over 50 channels of Sennheiser (G2, G3, 100's, 300's) and some Shure SLX and ULX. Overall, I'd choose Sennheiser. The SLX drive me crazy because the attenuation is a three way switch, so it's hard to dial in a specific level. The ULX has a nice knob for selecting gain, but...
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    Projecting images on a Mirror

    So how did this turn out for you? I'm looking to do something very similar. I'm doing a show that takes place in a dance studio, and there is a large mirror (probably 12' long by 8' high) along the back of the set, and I'll need to rear project an image or video onto that at the end of the...
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    Tool for wireless mic connectors

    I'm looking for a tool that's used for Sennheiser wireless units (and probably others) to tighten the threaded washer around the 1/8" mic input jack. I'm linking a picture below. It's got a notch on either side of the washer, so the tool would have two "teeth" that would straddle the jack...
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    Telex SS-2P Speaker Station issues

    Yes, hopefully I will have a spare beltpack, and I'll just have to do that. The speaker isn't blown, in fact, that's the only thing I can get to work right. The best I could do was get the speaker to work by wiring one to one, which isn't the correct way but it works. I got nothing by wiring...
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    Telex SS-2P Speaker Station issues

    That manual is apparently quite different. I called Telex tech support, and he was able to send me the manual and schematic to the actual unit I have. He told me from what I'm describing, there might be something wrong with the unit, as the way it's supposed to be wired doesn't work for me but...
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    Telex SS-2P Speaker Station issues

    I don't see any dip switches on my unit. The only manual I can find on the Telex website is for the SS-2000 series, which seems to be an updated version of the unit I have. The manual I did get does have some wiring info, so I'll just trial and error that stuff and hopefully I'll figure it out.