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    ATEM Mini Audio?

    You could use NDI and use compressed video as others have suggested but you could also wire all the camera positions to a local switcher and remote the program output, a multiviewer, and a control panel. This will be higher quality, especially presuming you're going to be compressing again.
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    ATEM Mini Audio?

    Do you have bare copper possible or just network? How long are the runs? Are the cameras HDMI or SDI? HDbaseT might be doable if they're HDMI (and you can get ones with PoC although I'm not sure how far they run). SDI can run pretty far if you have decent drivers.
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    Looking for DMX controlled Floodlights

    Well, I've got one of (which is relatively bright, RGB[WA?], DMX, and cheap) and one of (which is *bright*, DMX, and cheap, but not RGB - just WW/CW) down in Binghamton if you want to arrange to check them out. (I've also got some of those multiple individual R/G/B LED fixtures but they're...
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    “New” wireless interference from old tv station?

    @ACTSTech I didn't see where you said... what group/channel or, ideally, frequency are these tuned to? Note that based on just the TV channels you listed earlier I expect 25, 28, and 30 to be potentially unusable due to intermod. As others have said, we'd want to look at the full spectrum...
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    Looking for DMX controlled Floodlights

    Curious where in NY this is -- If you're anywhere near CNY or ST-NY, I may have access (or know the right people) to get some cheap fixtures that you can take a look at. Feel free to send me a PM if you don't want it public.
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    Presonus Studio LIve 24.4.2 noise issue

    I've heard of oddities happening with the Presonus boards including noise and silence -- mind you I've only experienced anything going silent on any of their boards once myself and it was fixed with a reboot (and we have one at my dayjob that we bought used and have never seen an issue with)...
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    Light fixture safety cables

    As was I. Is there any issue with this way? That is you have the 'first' (at thimble/loop) crimp for function and another farther down (away so you can see that the cable went all the way through and so there's no deformity) crimped afterwards right at the end so it doesn't stab anyone.
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    Attachment of PVC Pipe to a Structural Post

    I'm not qualified to talk to the structural portion of this based upon the information provided. PVC does tend to flex/sag when it gets warm like it may under the glow of incandescent theatrical fixtures (especially over longer runs as there's more weight). Are you sure you want to use PVC?
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    Research and Training

    I use the Ma 3D visualizer with Ma PC software passing through the output from EOS "offline" when I'm preparing my shows for the community theater group here. I have the full theater built up in Ma so the appropriate fixtures are in the appropriate places with approximate focus to match their...
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    PTZ Camera for theater setting "The camera can be controlled via the LAN port over a network, ONVIF over a network, and RS-232 via VISCA commands."
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    Light fixture safety cables

    correction: *stopping* after falling. 12 pounds falling is under a (basically) constant 32 ft/s/s acceleration (well, until you reach terminal velocity) and thus the falling force is constant. F = m * g. The mass and acceleration aren't changing while it's falling. The difference is...
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    "Cheap" DJ Wash lighting

    I think I know which ones you're talking about... (See my post history) The "60 degree" (I never actually measured but they had a good spread) OPPO worked well for general lighting on a play in a ~12'x10' platform in a 9' rafter-height room. The many-separate-LED $20ish/unit ones were great...
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    PTZ Camera for theater setting

    In looking/using in the past, I've noticed a few VISCA-controlled PTZs that "manual iris" is really a +/- adjust on the auto *or* there's a menu or DIP switch option to change it between a +/- and true manual. Now that I think about it, I think there's actually a setting on our controller to...
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    PTZ Camera for theater setting

    Took a gander over at B&H as I haven't gone looking for one in some time and seems VERY interesting. <$1k, supports VISCA. I don't see any visible DIP switches... I'm guessing you configure the...
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    Control/Dimming ETC Nomad & Express 24/48?

    Make sure whatever computer you use it is locked down, no other software running, no network access, etc. Make sure whoever will run the show is comfortable enough to fix issues with the Nomad should they arise. Also make sure there's not anything special ETCnet between the Express and the...