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    Cleaning Up After Bubble Machines

    Have a rental in the space using 2 bubble machines for Little Mermaid. Probably half the bubbles land on the apron, despite best efforts not to. Slippage isn't too much of a problem, though it is in the forefront of my mind. Trying to mop the stage after each performance (sometimes several...
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    Headset mic recommendations welcomed

    I've done a few shows lately where the principles were on Countryman H6's. They sound pretty good through the ULX-D stuff, and the double ear loops kept them in place pretty well. I think I remember futzing with one set for an actress with a small head; it was difficult to get everything to...
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    Rigging by Walmart?

    You forget the phrase "Hold my beer." (Coming from someone whose home state is well represented on the people from Wal-Mart website).
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    Where to place orchestra?

    As a mixer/sound designer, I hate having the band on-stage unless the singers can actually sing. I played both mixer and sound designer for Aida this spring, and the band was just behind the wall making up the US edge of the set, and it was a nightmare for the weaker singers. That being said...
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    Curtain Pulling

    They're more on the expensive side, but if you want a pair of long-lasting work gloves for deck crew, flyman, or just general work, I've been using the Petzl Cordex belay gloves. They're perfect for rope-work. Still on my first pair 2 years later.
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    Petzl GRIGRI 2 recall

    Yeah, the serial on mine starts with "12," so dodged that bullet. Everyone else I climb with uses one except my sister (still using her {well, my old} ATC).
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    Need help getting sound monitors to mirror the house.

    ^ This ^ x1000. Learning how the room sounds compared to mix position is actually much easier and intuitive than people might think, and it will sound so much better than trying to mix off of monitors processed to hell. The only other piece of advice I would give is don't use MP3s for...
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    What inspired you to get into technical theatre?

    My parents both work(ed) in the medical field (Dad's a doc, Mom ran the lab at a hospital until my sister was born). When my sister came along, she took dance lessons at a local studio. They would put on their annual dance recital each spring, as since I was too young to appreciate the female...
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    Need help getting sound monitors to mirror the house.

    If you have a good DSP, you could feed a matrix send of the main mix to it, and adjust the EQ so it sounds like your system, but that takes stage volume out of the equation. Is moving the console to the window opening an option? I would strongly advocate for relocating the console to the open...
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    PortaCom Adapter

    Agreed with Chris. Sounds like your headset's mic is looking for power that's not supplied by your beltpacks.
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    Bad Install...

    @FatherMurphy, that reminded me of something I found my first job out of college. The company I was with was contracted to bring in lighting for a wedding reception at a Shriner's temple. We were dropping LED bars along a wall for uplighting and asked for power. One of the girls on the crew...
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    Bad Install...

    I don't know, the Gilligan's Island comment seemed to sum it up best.
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    Bad Install...

    Bill, what's your take on using Crosbys for attaching the lift lines to the arbors as opposed to nicropess sleeve?? My first thought on that slack line was that one of the battens just wasn't trimmed correctly as well, so it very well may be that, or the rolled line.
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    ProFire 610 opinions?

    Looks like the new version of the FireWire 410 I use. I've never had an issue with it, and I've done some very output intensive shows with it and QLab. Hasn't let me down yet. Good for ProTools M-powered as well.