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    Zero Latency Video of Conductor

    Well, if you dust the cobwebs off some old analog gear, free! Ignoring the technicality that nothing has true "zero" latency, analog included, a digital system really depends on the weakest link, any one given piece of gear across many price ranges could buffer and / or incur a processing delay...
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    Strand CD80 AE not responding to DMX

    Woodroffe Highschool
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    Strand CD80 AE not responding to DMX

    I'm all good over here, this was just me relaying my experience from an installation in Ottawa from a few years ago.
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    Small Board Suggestions

    I've had pretty good results using the cheap little Behringer USB interface mixers at my desktop. I primarily use it as an interface for an XLR microphone for speaking, but I've used it as an A/D converter for recording. The limited metering on the tiny 1-channel version is a bit annoying for...
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    Strand CD80 AE not responding to DMX

    If your installation is anything like mine, there's a good chance that between the console and the dimmer, there's some decrepit old strand architectural panel that interrupts the signal between the console and dimmer. If someone bumps the wrong button on it, everything the console is trying to...
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    Strand CD80 AE not responding to DMX

    Having called strand in the past for advice on a CD80 AE, it's pretty hit or miss, and no, they don't particularly have parts for them left... You can likely get the contact information for the installer somewhere on the rack, if not, strand support should be able to point you to some numbers...
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    Catastrophic lamp failures

    Had a FEL fail spectacularly shortly before christmas right as i was putting gel in, this was in a FOH position, so my face was probably about two feet away. Colour temperature jumped up for about a second or two, where i'm assuming the FEL turned into an arc lamp, and then blew its guts out of...
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    Genie Lift AWP-30S problem

    Did they update the battery chemistry to something different than the original factory? Voltage curves are different depending on the type of battery, it's possible they updated to a different type, which is consistently below the "low voltage" threshold of the old battery
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    How much Electric Needed to run entire Lee Colortran 96 Dimmer Rack

    The load is largely dependent on what you're plugging into the dimmer. You'll get a lot more Source Fours at 575W then you will with older generation lekos burning a 1000W FEL. What's the capacity of the service feeding the dimmer rack? Is it three phase? I'm willing to bet the electrician is...
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    Re-wiring Strip Lights with Asbestos

    You also run into the problem that you haven't actually dealt with the asbestos, and now based on the quality of the coating, you've just deferred the same problem to someone else once that coating breaks down.
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    Re-wiring Strip Lights with Asbestos

    Is there asbestos inside?: Almost certainly. Are they worth rewiring?: Probably not. What gauge of wire?: This comes as a strike against if "you should" rewire them to be perfectly honest. If you don't have the knowledge of how to determine the correct gauge of wire for this application...
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    Mixers/Consoles Review Allen & Heath SQ6 (SQ5, SQ7)

    I've had audacity work nicely for recording multitrack on SQ and QU. This was on a 10 year old laptop with a SATA SSD. Granted, an HDD could also keep up easily so long as it isn't the system drive.
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    Sudden dimming trouble

    I've run into a problem like this before with full size ENR racks. On the one I work with, the top brain on the rack gets cranky once in awhile and stops responding until you run upstairs and hit the controller reset button on the front of it. Getting someone to kill all power to the rack and...
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    Lee Colortran Far Cyc fixtures, replacing sockets

    While I can't comment on replacing the sockets, I have "fond" memories of scraping melted gel off of the gel frames for these at the Chrysler theatre until they were recently replaced by LED battens. They made me nostalgic for kliegl CYC units with glass gels pretty quickly
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    Does this theatre need a new console?

    For a house doing that many shows a year, being on the "Latest and greatest" is less for fun and more so you don't cause problems when people start showing up with showfiles that refuse to load on your console... I'm also going to echo the sentiment that for a house seeing that many shows...