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    Strand FLX S console overview and training

    If you're looking for a webinar that covers FLX and FLX S, see the video below... Hope this helps, Edward
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    DMX Power Switcher

    Hi Don, The RigSwitch cabinets have a built-in propagation delay, so that even if all relays are switched on at once, the channels are staggered one by one... Edward
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    DMX Power Switcher

    No problem - yes there are no relays on Betapack 4. The dimmed sockets can be set to have a switched dimmer law, but when switched on this supply is still going via the Triacs, and so is not advisable for connecting loads that aren't entirely resistive. Apologies to the OP for the thread...
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    DMX Power Switcher

    Great, yes Whitelight are one of our distributors. Although the top row of sockets on Betapack 4 are non-dim circuits, they are not supplied by relays - these sockets are fed directly from the channel's MCB. If you have a patch panel however, then this allows you to simply plug the circuit...
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    DMX Power Switcher

    Hi almorton, If you need any further information on RigSwitch or Chilli, feel free to get in touch. Edward
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    Lighting Desk Advice

    Thanks for suggesting FLX! Zero 88 has changed significantly since we became part of the Eaton family, so I'd encourage you to take another look. We've completely changed our distribution and support channels, bringing everything back in house until we find an appropriate and strong American...