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    Fire Curtain Question

    NFPA 80 chapter 20 regulates fire curtains. They must have what is known as a bumper (yield pad) that forms a seal to the deck. This seal can not be interrupted by any objects, like cables.
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    Battery Powered Sound Rig

    My buddy does this exact thing, charging his batteries via solar panels.
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    Wenger Versalite convert to rolling platform mod

    One step forward, one bad link backwards.
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    Wenger Versalite convert to rolling platform mod

    I used these and bolted them onto 2x4s that had carriage bolts and wing nuts on them which slipped into the extruded track on my wenger decks. roll platform into place, and raise casters. works awesome. funny enough my decks are 3x6 as well.
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    Episode 33 – Claudia Peterson

    Currently the Assistant Technical Director at The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Arts in Hollywood CA, Claudia Peterson joins the podcast to discuss her path in the industry and how she has dealt with the sexism that still exists...
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    Wrestling Ring Lights

    The biggest headache touring with both ECW and ROH was finding power for the lights. I WISH I had LEDs. I could have lite the entire ring on 2 -3 circuits.
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    Wrestling Ring Lights

    So first a non helpful but funny story. When I was working for ECW as the LD I got a call from the director who told me that Terry Funk needed some assistance with the lighting for his "Retirement Match" (Terry had about 1000 retirement matches) against Brett Hart. The director was worried...
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    Suggestions for mounting hardware

    If I were working on this the first thing I would check would be to see if the wood beam is real or is it a soffit around a steel beam. Based on that answer I would then develop my plan. I'm not a fan of lagging into the bottom of wood structure, and much prefer using a bolt with a known sheer...
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    Episode 32 – Counter Weight Rigging with the ESA

    Our simulcast with the Event Safety Alliance on Counter Weight Rigging! Host Danielle Hernandez and Ethan talk about counter weight rigging and a few things to consider when we are allowed back on stage. Event Safety Alliance -
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    HIT swage tool crimp size

    Let me do some digging. I might be able to find you some data for that tool.
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    Design Issues and Solutions I need to run 10 cables up a cinder block wall. How can I mount them?

    I’d be curious as to the need/period that this is used for. There are some issue regardless, such as bundling that many SP cables together MAY cause some heating issues based on current draw. Can we get some more info as to what your doing, how long it will be there for, and how much load will...
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    Episode 00

    Episode 00 - An Introduction Continue reading...
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    Episode 01 - Yanna Kiriacopoulos

    Episode 01 - In this podcast we talk with Yanna Kiriacopoulos about how she got into rigging, the challenges of doing so as a woman, and what others can learn from her experience. The Bag Yanna just got as one of her favorite tools - Entertainment...
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    Episode 02 - Ben Brian

    Episode 02 - Today's guest is Ben Brian from Reed Rigging in Chicago. We talk about how he went from a product photographer to entertainment rigger to a principle partner of a large rigging company. We also discuss the importance of training, the ETCP certification program, and the Event Safety...
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    Episode 03 - Phil Van Hest

    Episode 03 - Phil Van Hest from Bigger Hammer Productions joins us this episode to discuss his role as the rigging and safety supervisor for a labor comany.