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    Rigging speakers overhead

    There will be soon. The technical standards program within ESTA is about to send out a document for its first public review related to statically suspended rigging. Once it goes out in a week or so I’ll post here. I’ve made the assumption the speakers will not travel up and down. If they do I...
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    Hard Hats

    Like Mike Holmes, Canadian super builder says, “it’s a MINIMUM code”.
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    I got hired for a 3 day job and the first day no one was there... advice?

    You showed up to work as you were scheduled. You are owed a minimum of some sort. Whether there is a state minimum or higher “industry “ minimum like 4 hours. Your time is worth something, and this was their error. Just my .02 cents
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    Hard Hats

    Petzl Vertex with optional face shield. The reality is most people should be wearing a hard hat more often than we realize. Get something comfortable.
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    College Decision

    If you can, visit the schools you want to apply too. Experience them for yourself. This may be the greatest way to help you make your decision. Disclaimer, I went to Emerson.
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    Rigging with cable stops question?

    Sure there is. ASME B30.9. ANSI E1.4-1 - 2016, OSHA 3072 . They all lay out specific DF for the use of wire rope when used as slings and in running (as @BillConnerFASTC stated, that means going over a sheave) rigging.
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    Rigging with cable stops question?

    We've been using stops for wire rope ladders for many years. As long as you de-rate the wire rope properly you're ok. The issue becomes will the hole in the wood resist the wear and tear of the wire rope and copper fitting? @BillConnerFASTC , the DF for non-running rigging is 1:5, not 1:8...
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    Light fixture safety cables

    Also remember that the “shock load” equation is for an object in free fall. A chain running out of a bag is not in free fall, but rather at a changing velocity as the load changes, and as the length changes.
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    Side-loaded Pipe

    Is it ideal? No. Is it going to cause a failure? Unlikely. I prefer long side arms as stiffeners so there is reduced strain on the lift line when attached.
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    Tragedy in Boston

    For those who have not seen or heard, I lost a colleague and friend Saturday to a terrible accident. I’ve provided a link to a news article about what happened. I’m posting this not to start a discussion debating what went wrong, but to share the loss of a member of our community. I am also...
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    Cable retraction device

    I seem to think this is correct.
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    Sign hung issue

    Well, you’ve got 2.5 ton of load on an eye. A shoulder eyebolt at 0-45 degrees has a strength of 70% of the rated WLL. So we 8now the 2.5ton eye is out. What’s 70% of the 3ton? The 5ton?
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    Sign hung issue

    Not quite. If the sign in the frame weights 350lbs, and we hung it on a single center point, that would be 350lbs in the middle of the 6’ frame. So the 6’ frame needs to support 350lbs at center. We know that a beam typically has a CPL of 50% of the UDL. So the top of your frame needs to be...
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    Harry Donovan book question

    Step three you add 33000 and 4312.5 instead of subtracting them. If you subtract it works correctly.
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    Harry Donovan book question

    Ok, thanks for the image. No, the total F2 force is not a negative number. There is 880lbs of force generated by the truss self weight. There is -115lbs of force generated by the cantilevered point load. When you add these together (the equation used simplifies this to strait subtraction) you...