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    Shock loads video

    So I created a short video about shock loads. It’s only 10 minutes long and discusses what shock loads are, and how to calculate them. Enjoy
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    Re-opening Procedure after Covid-19

    not hard to find. start here
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    Introducing the Shackles, Burlap, & Lies Podcast!

    That’s awesome. Thanks for the support!
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    Re-opening Procedure after Covid-19

    Your comment has the key to the issue with body temperature as an indicator. "the majority SEEM to include...". We don't know that. In fact the data is leaning to the potential that a majority of those who have been infected may NOT have a fever.
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    Introducing the Shackles, Burlap, & Lies Podcast!

    Ron, you can listen to them directly from my website at Lust click on the logo to the left of each episode description to listen to that episode. You can do this via google chrome or any web browser. Ethan
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    Re-opening Procedure after Covid-19

    small tidbit. If you are doing layout for maintaining a six foot distance between people, you should be using a 3' diameter circle (or what ever shape you prefer) and not a 6' diameter one. heck, if you want to get real nitty gritty, you might consider 3.5' to account for the fact that people...
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    Re-opening Procedure after Covid-19

    I would STRONGLY suggest you look into hiring an outside consultant to help created your procedure or delay until resources like the ESA release guidance. The liability fallout of an outbreak will be disastrous and at this point there is insufficient data for the average "user" to develop a...
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    Using ETC Source Four for Broadcast Lighting - Lamp Intensity vs. Color Temperature?

    When I was doing Pay Per Views and broadcast TV I made sure i was on good terms with the person shading the cameras. They can make or break the visual.
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    Introducing the Shackles, Burlap, & Lies Podcast!

    You’re welcome! I recognize the into is a little hot, and my guests might not always have the best mic as we have to record via social distance platforms. But it can only get better right. At least from a fidelity standpoint, content could go in the tank.
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    Introducing the Shackles, Burlap, & Lies Podcast!

    I am so very happy to share with the CB community my new podcast entitles Shackles, Burlap, & Lies. It's dedicated to entertainment rigging and the people in it. The intent is to bring experienced riggers and their stories to the masses and try to demystify the realm of rigging. There are two...
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    Helper lineset?

    Can you marry line sets safely? Yes. But there is a lot involved. You need to do the proper load calculations to ensure that you’re not overloading individual components of each line set. It’s better to try and treat each line set as a separate system, such as hanging fixtures on one line set...
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    Let's talk asbestos curtains

    So the "coating" you refereed to could be what is known as "Encapsulation" and helps keep the asbestos curtain "Non-Friable" meaning that the fibers are contained. In regards to the rest of your post, if your fire alarm system didn't work. would there be the same attitude from the powers be...
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    Control/Dimming Gateways and Opto Splitters

    An Opto splitter takes a single DMX signal (universe) and splits it to multiple outputs. It also optically isolates the signal. A gateway takes a network signal like SACN and converts that into DMX outputs, with the ability to assign one output to universe one, output two to universe 4, so on...
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    Pie for Pi day

    What does pie for Pi day have to do with rigging? See the post I made on my Facebook page about it.