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    Special Effects!!

    i'm not an expert in the fx field but what i would say to do to get in to it i would go to a theater college like New York City College of Technology, or SUNY Purchase, or some of the many others. to find more look in stage directions they tend to have alist. any way once you complete your...
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    Crosbys/Cable Clips/U bolts

    When i actually use crosbys i use a nut driver, but also an important thing to do with them is to get the right torque on them. they are not really efficient or safe if you don't torque them to the manufactures specifications. i know when i get crosbies from crosby group the package says all the...
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    References and Handbooks

    if you are doing set design i also like John Blurton's Scenery: Drafting and Construction book is good but you might have to interpet some of the terms because it is written by a british writter.
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    References and Handbooks

    actually i think that the stage rigging hand book by glerum is ok for a traditional house but donovan's arena rigging book. yes i know its expensive but it covers alot and gives examples and problems to see and do.
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    Your opinions of Cordless Drill-Drivers

    DeWalt to me the DeWalt or Hilti cordless drills are the bes i use my deWalt 18v all the time i use it to drill new holes in steel for toe clips to sscrewing wood or other matterials toghter. and the dewalt is very durriable. so students in a school or profissionals can use it.
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    Truss Collapse in Las Vegas.

    Bad Judgments of Many PPL Hey all, First off if you are going to blame people and then first blame the producer or equivalent, because he's probably the one who said it could be done at any cost. Then I would blame the production manager or equivalent position, first off for not understanding...
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    Rigging Question (Tieing off a line set)

    RE: Metal Line set lock In the second edition of the Stage Rigging Handbook of Glerum, he gives instructions on how to use it and make it in his book starting on page 150. He calls it a Line Lok, he also mentiones it can be made in a shop or bought in a store. Hope this is the same thing, Jason
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    BA/AA program structure

    If you all are looking for a very hand on environment and one that encourages you to work in the professional field, I recommend NYC College of Technology. At Citytech we have 2 amazing professors, one is John Huntington, who has written the only book on show control in the market and is also a...