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    Are ETC L86-EM64D modules ok to replace EM64 modules?

    We still service them and I also believe we still have loaners if needed. Just give Tech Services a call.

    Those painful dimmer tray release mechanisms

    I actually built a module extractor with 2 ends while we were still shipping L86. I'm sure I still have it somewhere most likely in a box with L86 parts. It came in real handy on the occasional service call that required removing all of the modules. Who knows, I may have turned on your racks...

    Teaching middle schoolers how to use ETC Ion

    In addition to the online resources already mentioned, you might want to contact the folks with our ETC Education Center to see what other assistance they may be able to provide.

    Kliegl Bros. Type SP Patch Panel

    Hi Glossy, Please send me your contact info when you have a moment. Albenny is a little far but maybe a quick phone chat would work. By the way; I'm strictly a technician and I don't do sales or marketing. I'm also not selling service. Straight up chat that's all. It's a Boy Scout good deed type...

    Kliegl Bros. Type SP Patch Panel

    Hi Glossy, Where in Georgia are you located?

    Automated Fixtures Elation Dartz 360 Losing sACN Connection

    Glad to hear things are working. There is one last thing I'd like to throw out there. We've had some end user issues resolved recently when we've discovered that RDM was enabled at consoles and gateways when it was not needed. You might want to check Nomad.

    LMI RD-2400 dimmers

    You might give Tech Support at ETC a call and ask for one of the senior members of phone support. I doubt we have a need to increase our loaner inventory but you never know. They can also check with Repairs but I imagine they also have what they need. You might also ask if they know of anyone...

    Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

    For my money I'd pay an extra $20, plus shipping, and get this one from ThermoWorks. Great quality and wide temperature range, -76 to 1022 F. I have few of their food based thermometers and probes and they have all performed flawlessly with accurate readings from unit to unit which speaks...

    Need advice on tracing /testing DMX lines

    Hi Ravenbar, Could you please email me the Job# and name of your site? Or a scan or photo of the control riser. Thanks, Lin Wheeler ETC.

    Control/Dimming Anyone have a timeline of ETC's (or Kliegl) console products?

    This may be of some help.

    ETC Link ports- DMX?

    It's what we do.

    ETC Link ports- DMX?

    You should contact Phone Support at the Factory to see if they can send you a PDF of the control riser for that system. If possible go to the CEM module of either of the dimmer racks and select "About", "System" and then scroll right and should see either the system name, job number or both...

    Favorite Quick Disconnect Electrical Connector

    We've switched over to the newer Wago connector for Unison station installations. Smaller and easier on the fingers.

    Source four on a stick / spot dot

    What about modifying a gel frame to hold the mounting plate.

    Analogue to Dmx converter

    I had remembered the name of the AVO soft patch but when I searched for it I found nothing. With the help of friends I found there was no space between the Q and Patch. So here's a picture of it.