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    New Stage Deck Surface

    Our stage is pine. It’s trashed from being sanded so many times. We use Marley for classic dance performances and MDF for step shows and Greek events. The brown MDF isn’t popular, and the groups have to rent it and pay us to install it. I’m looking for something that can stand up to a highly...
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    LED retrofit option

    Considering these for a retrofit- would be exciting if we didn't have to completely change out all of our existing fixtures. anyone had any prior experience with these they'd like to share?
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    New Stage Deck Surface

    Saw this stuff at USITT anyone used anything similar and do they have any thoughts they'd like to share? It looks like a bit of an investment, but potentially exactly what we're looking for.
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    Anyone know what fixture this is? Architectural GOBO project

    Hello All! We were hoping we could hive-mind this. Someone in our office has sent us these iPhone photos of a feature he'd like to add to our lobby. The fixture itself seems really small, perhaps would utilize an MR16?I'm little worried about the conditions of our lobby vs. wherever these were...
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    M7CL Mix issue

    I currently have the same inputs routed to each of my mixes (for troubleshooting purposes). Only one is showing any kind of output on the board or making any noise. Everything's equally un-muted, etc. Anything else I can try?
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    Strand Palette issues. Fixtures not responding. again.

    Our strand Classic Palette has been having some difficulties. Again. (honestly, the etc express lasted for 12 years with no problems whatsoever, but that's a different thread).Our house patch is not complicated, its patched 1:1 and stays there. We run everything from sub masters, (whoever...
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    Running Power for portable dimmers

    You have all been fabulous! Thanks!
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    Running Power for portable dimmers

    The plan right now is to use it 3-7 times a year. It would be 5-10 feet from the co sw. The only times we really use sidelight is for department dance concerts and touring dance companies with recorded music. Load could be as much as (2) 750s per, though I was attracted to this pack as it can...
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    Running Power for portable dimmers

    Would you mind fleshing that out a little more? I feel like I might be getting arguements from both sides 1) the 400 is fine, just have appropriately rated cables and operate the rack with fewer dimmers Or 2) go with the arguements of installing a lower amperage circuit, as its more appropriate...
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    Running Power for portable dimmers

    Hi Jack So if I inturepret your post correctly, it might just be easier in the long run to have that second circuit run? They're unwilling to re-fuse the Co sw regardless, and the distro would still be over fused?
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    Running Power for portable dimmers

    I'd like to add a few more dimmers backstage for sidelight, as most of our circuits are front of house. Looking at a portable dimmer pack, Sensor 3 12 module portable,SP3-2420 ( Our space has...
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    ETC board with Strand Dimmers

    Is there any reason I can't put an ETC Smart Fade ML in a space with a relatively new rack of strand dimmers? It's a network system...
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    Microsoft Access Maintence Schedule

    In retrospect I most likely should have asked if there simply was a better free solution than Access, as I've been directed towards filmmaker, but can't purchase it. It seems like there would indeed be a few options already floating around.I'll certainly poke around Web2Project and...
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    Microsoft Access Maintence Schedule

    Hello All I've resigned to the fact that the only program our organization is interested in dealing with for my particular project is Access. I'd like to create a program that pops up with not only reminders about which tasks are due (check arc sources in spotlights, projectors, etc) but with...
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    Arc source above average service life hours

    wait, also, speaking of all these explosive, shrapnel throwing Xenon lamps, how does one typically dispose of such things??