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    Altman Lighting Ladder

    How many source four ERS can fit on Altman 4 rung lighting ladder? How many ERS can you fit across on a single row?
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    Lighting Assistance

    I am currently helping a friend light an outdoor stage show at a festival where there will also be performances at dusk. In stock we are limited to 14 generic dmx LED wash fixtures: 35-40 degrees, generic RGB DMX Wall Washer: 30 degrees; Chauvet DJ 4 Light tripod: Beam Angle: 21°• Field Angle...
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    Show Control System (SCS)

    I am assisting a small size performing company and they will be performing at a small outdoor venue. We will be using a couple DMX LED wash lights (no more than 10) and a fogger or two. Around 4-6 channels for each LED fixture. We are currently looking into the software, Show Control System...