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    Adjunct Technical Director needed for Spring term 2012

    Please let me know if this is the place for such postings... We are a pre-professional undergrad training program, providing a solid base of core theatre classes as well as fully realized productions, mounted by students through hands-on theatre practicum. We are looking for a TD to teach...
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    Hi Folks, I'm the TD for a small liberal arts university in the pacific NW, right down the street from a well known Shakespeare Festival. I was a Carpenter at said festival for three years and have been here at the university since 2003. I stumbled upon this site one day and immediately...
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    Sliding Panels

    We just finished building some 11' W x 18' H sliding panels for King Lear. The track was shop-built using two parallel runs of 1.5" sq. tube spaced 1/2" apart, upon which rolled 80mm inline skate wheels. The panels were framed with steel and covered in 1/8" lauan, and came in at around 130#. For...