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    New Sound Gear :D

    I've got in the habit of using filing cabinets for mic storage in the pouches because that's what all the theaters near me do. Also for cables I just bought a 4x8 sheet of peg board for $16 from home depot that all my cables neatly hang on my wall on. Also for the tamper resistant lablels a lot...
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    Qlab with Multiple Cameras

    Something you have to keep in mind is that there's no perfect way to do on the fly vide switching in qlab. And the only real way to preview each camera is to have a video out from each camera running into monitors.
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    1/4” Long-Frame MAXI Patchbay

    As nice as the bantam tt patch bays are it is cheaper to buy one new patchbay than it is to buy 2 of them and all new cables. As far as a pre wired panel goes I would love it, unfortunately since I'm adding to a previous system I want to be able to rearrange the connections so that all of them...
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    Sound f/x Cues from iPad?

    Although qlab doesn't offer an iPad app I wouldn't stray from qlab. If you don't want to use a vnc, personally they get a little technical for me. There are apps out there that allow you to view your computer screen on a wifi network, I use AirDisplay ($10.00) or you can also use a midi app if...
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    1/4” Long-Frame MAXI Patchbay

    I've done tons of research and have finally found what I think I'm looking for, our building was installed in '87 and I am upgrading the audio system and need to add more patch ports. offers "1/4” Long-Frame MAXI" patchbays and I believe this is what I need. But all of the photos I...
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    Patchbays: what is normal?

    We're buying new patch bays and our consultant quoted us for half normal patchbays. What is the difference between normal and regular? And when would you use each of them?
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    Qlab controlling Expression 3

    I do this all the time with my 48/96 but it will work the same. First you're gonna need a USB to midi. Like they said the m audio stuff is nice but most USB to midi will cost you $30-$50. Honestly the one I bought off amazon for $5 works great. Link here Then you will need qlab to have a midi...
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    Runway Rope Light Help

    I might take a lot of crap for this but depending on what material the staging is made out of you might want to try small dots of hot glue. If the staging is a hard plastic or metal it will pull off both the stage and the rope light very clean. Just don't try to run a line of hot glue the 200'
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    Patch Bay Label Plates

    I'm going to be redoing our patch bay and what is on the patch bay now are these plates with engravings on them. I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can buy just the silver (u channel like) paper holders to double sided stick tape to the patch bay that I could print out a strip of paper...
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    Simple QLab question

    Well cue lab gives the "red x" when not all of the parameters are set in order to get the audio to the output. This could be anything from an incorrect target file, if a level got unselected somehow or the patch isn't set. The most common problem I have when I get the red x is because the auto...
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    Simple QLab question

    Start by clicking preferences, then audio and checking that output 1 has a little yellow patch line drawn to your output. Most likely your built in output. If not connect the 2. Let me know if this doesn't make the x go away Addison
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    Good rackmount CD player

    Everyone from where I'm at uses the tascam a500. Ive never had any problems with them.
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    "Riding" Levels in Qlab

    One thing that i do in qlab when I'm doing on the fly stuff is I will put everything, all my cues in a single folder then outside that folder put a fade that fades all the way out. I use this as a fail safe if I need to stop music so I don't use esc and get the horrible chop. You might be...
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    Wire for component video run

    I'm looking for a cheap way to run component video to a projector in the front of house. It would be about a 100' cable run. My question is do you need a specific grade of cable or will any 2 pin cable (one cable for each color) work? (for example my old XLR cables)
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    Sound Card that shows at multiple soundcards

    I've looked through the dozens of threads on here on choosing a sound card but what I am looking for is a card that will show up as multiple cards. The reason I want this is I'm looking to get a Mac pro for the theater that can stay as an in house machine but I would like to have a card, 4-10...