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    SOP for handling inappropriate content in educational settings.

    I work as a technician for my former high school as a theatre tech. I graduated in 2012, but decided to work before going to college. I am officially a staff member, but not well versed on a number of SOPs, either because those SOPs do not exist or there hasn't been time for the admin to brief...
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    Is there such thing as overkill in redoing a control booth

    I have OCD. When it comes to managing infrastructure and creating/improving a good booth workflow, nothing is overkill. If that means I am organizing, arranging, labelling and zip tying every single cable going to and from the booth, so be it. If you have the permission to do so, set up your...
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    QLab DA to multiple console channels

    Are you running the free version of QLab or have you bought a licence? Without a licence you are limited to only 2 outputs. If you have purchased a licence then it might be an issue of QLab not detecting your interface, an problem that is beyond my knowledge and experience.
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    Making the best of HID Lamp hours.

    Hi everyone. I am currently automating a Turn ON and Turn OFF sequence for movers (DTS XR8 WASH + SPOT) using HID lamps (for easy operation by students). It is basically a set of auto-follow cues armed, disarmed and triggered by macros. E.g. Cue 1 - Park Power Supply Cue 2 - Strike Lamp Cue...
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    Eye Protection

    Hi everyone. This is my first significant post! A recent conversation with an old colleague got me thinking about eye safety. He commented on how his eyesight seemed to have deteriorated over the years of working as the main light-op/technician in my school theatre. Main concerns were with the...
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    Hello from a procrastinating techie!

    Been procrastinating this post for a while... I'm currently in the middle of a two year Gap year before studying theatre tech at uni (hopefully) next year. Originally it was supposed to be a one year Gap year but I procrastinated my applications as well, so I decided to wait for the next...