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    Looking for Theatrical Consultant

    I was going to say Shuler Shook as well. They did my theatre and I really dont have that many gripes about it after 18 years of being here.
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    QLab 5.0

    Just wrote a grant to upgrade our 4 computers in the 4 different spaces. Not a bad price to upgrade from 4 to 5, especially with 3 video-only licenses and one bundle license.
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    Do you own your own COM headset?

    Yeah, I have been looking at 10 beltpacks. We used to have 9 here and some of died between the 2 systems. Down to maybe 3 or 4. Heck, those VHF systems are about 25 years old. I could see a good use for 8-10 for our larger productions.Markertek Blueset shows they are in stock...
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    Do you own your own COM headset?

    Mines a BlueSet F4, female 4 pin. Pretty sure its bidirectional and not sure of A4F. Looked on their website and looks like I have the version listed there.Pushed the FSii upgrade, but need it soonish rather than later. School building budgets are horrendous, but we will be going for a bond...
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    Wireless Lav plug wiring

    I have several AKG transmitters that need new lavs. Love the Countryman B3's for our applications here. Found some lavs IN STOCK at a retailer for the Audix transmitter. They both use the TA3F connector, but the Audix uses a 6.8k resistor between pin 2 and 3 whereas the AKG is just jumper...
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    iMac/Dante - two interfaces

    Apple dosen't make an adpater for Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to ethernet. They push the Belikn one. It does not need drivers and is plug and play. I have 4 of them on my Mac mini FOH for all the wired networks in my space. Have had no issues with Dante on them.
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    GamFuel alternatives

    Following. I have 2 of those torches and a handful of pellets left. Havent needed them in a long time and don't see anytime soon, but would be good to know. And yes, I do talk to the FM for those uses...
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    Rosco I-Cue NIB

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    Do you own your own COM headset?

    I've been using a CC26 4 pin for the past 15 years or so. Should upgrade to the leatherette earcup. I have ventured into the wireless headset realm. I have a JK Audio Blueset on my com pack and have gone with a bone conduction headset Shokz Opencomm. I find it works really well, keeps my ears...
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    HMI 1200 W/S Lamps Used

    Hmmm, interesting. Wasn't aware of the name change. I thought there was a difference in HMI and HTI and H** of the gasses it used or something. That must be why they have 2K written on the box. Funny thing is, I have new (used) spots that take the HTI 1200W/D7/60 lamps.... Just assumed they were...
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    HMI 1200 W/S Lamps Used

    Found (3) HMI 1200 W/S lamps in the back of a cabinet and I don't have a fixture that uses them, never have. I think they were left from a rental years ago (the rental company is no longer around). They are USED lamps, spares, whatever you want to call them. They have hrs on the box, but no clue...
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    Rosco I-Cue NIB

    I have (3) NIB still sealed Rosco I-Cue mirror units. These have been in storage for a while. No Power Supply or cabling is included. $600 EACH plus shipping.
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    PTZ Camera for Theatre

    We have (7) Panasonic Aw-UE150 cams for our theatre. (4) on the mezz rail, permanent, and (3) that are portable, can be placed anywhere or go out with our portable video rig. All go back to a Panasonic controller over network and video signal lands on a Black Magic switcher. We run them all 4k...
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    WTB: Shure U2 Handheld Transmitter

    I have one, no head. Actually I think have 4, no heads. Make me an offer
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    Soundcraft delivery woes

    With all the consolidation with Harman gear, everything has been sent overseas and time is horrible. I have a Vi3000 and got it before all the merger happened. Looked at other gear to update our other spaces and decided to not go with Soundcraft in there due to not knowing if we could get the...