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    a seemingly simple task

    There will be cabinetry next too it. Perhaps we could hide stablizing 2x4s by attaching it to the cabinets. Thank you! :-)
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    a seemingly simple task

    I am working on a design for God Committee in a small Black Box Theatre. The director would like the white board that is referenced many times and Written on- to float, as there are no walls for it to hang on. Keeping in Mind this is a Small Theatre hitting most traces of suspension are the...
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    Lighting Design process

    icewolf has got a great system. It is not called a textbook approach to be sneered at--it is a text book approach because it works. Being from a small college program I have had to work through myself how to go about designing. So naturally i read books on the subject. All of them had...
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    Theatre Organization Chart

    I have to make an orginizational chart for my "Leadership and Management in the Theatre" class, and i will gladly load mine when it is complete, but what i was told is only put salaried positions on your orgnizational chart, so if u were to hire your choreographer on a by show basis, for...
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    Most hated equipment

    no idea, I am home for christmas now, and I don't remember from the show. It was my first show at that school.
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    Most hated equipment

    AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH my wireless headsets. I was Stage Manager for Little shop of horrors and we had 8 headsets. only 6 of them worked, and only 3 of them could talk back to me. It was close to the most stressful thing I had to work with, and anyone who has been a stage manager for a...
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    Cyc for lighting

    Our theatre is in need of a cyclorama, but I am having trouble figuring out what kind i need. I want to use it for lighting purposes, but I really know nothing about them, and I can't seem to find the information Ineed to make a good decision. money will also play a factor, so if you have a...
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    Our theatre department is looking to replace our headsets. We have quite a few wireless headsets that we have been using, but we just don't think wireless is where we want to go anymore as they have caused quite a bit of trouble for us while we have had them. Do you have any suggestions or...
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    Lighting a cyc in a strange space...

    fox beat me too it, I would also say dim the scoopes get back to us if that doesn't work, because I may end up with the same problem in my theatre.
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    question about some old equipment

    I have just started working in a Theatre in TN, and there supply of lights Thea theatre is the second largest in the state, but as you can see from this picture It is not exactly designed for stage productions. For this theatre which can hold, I believe 3,000 people...
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    Vector Works or WYSIWYG

    the educational edition of wyg is around $800 I don't know of a *student* edition, but the student edition of vector works is like $600 I think.
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    Which is better?

    I prefer option B for notes and cues, but I have also seen people make rather larger margins around a script with construction paper or the like and you can make notes that way and save paper. If taht makes sense
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    Vector Works or WYSIWYG

    I found out the school I am transfering to uses Spotlight and they said they would look into WYSIWYG when I get down there so YAY! I get to learn both!!!
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    Oh dear, not another 'what equptment do I have' thread...

    And hey just for kicks and giggles here is the manual. I didn't see it on edi online so I thought I would post it.
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    Mic'ing a piano

    I think wolf got it in one out of your mic selection c1000 would be the best choice, On an upright unless you open the top most of the sound will come from the back as long as it is an acoustic and not an electric. I will assume acoustic for the time being. Although, in the piano...