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    COVID-19 Event Cancellations

    Ya, I don't get the requirements either. A lot of small community theatres are still operating up here. Both our venues are closed because with both the capacity restrictions (you can only sell half your seats) and the 500 max that pretty much makes any profitability of a show off the table...
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    Well... there it is.

    My venue is closed and we are clearing the calendar 2 weeks at a time. I assume dance recital season will be done as most studios are also closing early. So, that puts us out to July.
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    COVID-19 Event Cancellations

    First case's in upstate NY is in my county.... so thats fun. We've already lost 3 events.
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    Bus power from a venue

    The only shore power we have is inside our dock where its dry, but for us its just 14-50 connectors straight to a standard breaker. Our outside parking area we let generators run. We have fire marshals, engineers, and whatever around all the time and they have never brought up the GFCI thing...
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    Recommended strategy for using two mixers?

    In an ideal world you would have processing that has open channels and go directly in. That is the way we tie in road desks to our PA. But, I doubt you have that capability. I'd probably go in the insert returns of channels, not the pre-amps with your second mixer. Then at least you are...
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    Midas Verona Talkback

    Talkback inputs are usually something that you only use if you really have to. I almost always just use an open channel. On the Verona there are assignment buttons for the TB bus in the master section. You can send it to any of the buses, L/R, or matrixes.
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    Another use of the fire curtain

    Ya, I have no idea how they would have pulled off actually pulling the plug on it. I can't imagine a house staff on a show her size having enough control to stop it. The only thing the venue does have control of is the firewall so I guess thats what they chose. I'd probably just let it go...
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    Stage Manager's Report

    There is no reason not to do it. We do one for every show. I don't include the weather, sports, etc, but its a log of all labor that day, what in house rental gear was used, employee issues, etc. Lobby, house, start, intermission, 2nd set, end, loading dock in, loading dock out, etc. times...
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    Altman FC-1 Focusing Cyc Lights

    Could be a hard sell. These are going for 10 bucks a cell on ebay. I recently bought 20 of them for 100 bucks.
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    College Decision

    What year are you in school? Does your school participate in the all-state theatre festival? If so, hit those auditions and hit them hard. I'd also throw in a mention of Webster in St. Louis. Its the only sound design program I know of where graduates are actually working in sound design...
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    medieval times!!

    You could just go work there and find out... its not really that high level of a place.
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    Gear Depreciation List?

    We depriciate technology purhases (things that take power) in 3 years. We depreciate hard goods in 3-5 years (marley floors, curtains, etc). That being said... no one cares is something is depreciated. The only person looking at that is our accountant and he's the one who makes that...
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    Replacing borders with no fullness?

    I hate anything with fullness. Makes it look like a middle school auditorium. Buy borders flat with a pipe pocket 5' taller then you need. Buy legs with chain 10' longer then you need and tie them back. Only thing with fullness is the main rag.
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    Theater tech + side jobs?

    I'd also look into what you actually want to do. Being a LD for theater is way different then being a board op. The path to those jobs are wildly different.
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    Theater tech + side jobs?

    First week of December I worked maybe 10 hours. Starting a week and a half ago to right now I've worked 100+ hours. Next week I only work one day. Schedules vary so much planning a life is hardly possible. With that, your entering into the business that invented the gig economy. When you...