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    Best Way to Clean New Lighting Instruments

    Robert nailed it. Mike Graham put out a great video on how to clean a moving head.
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    Low level Fog Advice

    We have a special low-lying fog juice for the Cloud 9 and Cumulous. LLG (Low Lying Gallon). It dissipates when it rises, so that you don't fog the place out. Bang for your buck, Dry ice is an amazing solution... But it's a pain in the keister, you have to keep it cold, it can't always be...
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    Low level Fog Advice

    A little clarification on the Chauvet offerings... We offer a Dry-Ice Fogger in our DJ line (the Nimbus), which is not terribly expensive. We also offer 2 different units which combine regular fog with Distilled water which is vaporized by ultrasound. the Cumulus (from ChauvetDJ), and the Cloud...
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    Career Advice Need advice on career

    There is already a lot to think about in this post. I'll add my 2 cents, but please take them with a grain of salt. Firstly, you're at a state school. This gives me the impression that you're not going into a large amount of debt... and also makes me think that you might be able to transfer...
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    Looking for House lights/work lights

    Actually... as i think about it... how high is the top row of your seating risers? You could potentially save some cost by using the H55FC or H55WW , as both the WW and FC fixture at about 20' deliver over 100 lux with the widest (80 degree) lens. As a point of reference, Street price per...
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    Looking for House lights/work lights

    Hi Johnny, short answer, YES. I do recommend that you go with purpose built house lights, as other fixtures are unlikely to last. Chauvet Pro has a variety of fixtures, both Warm White, and Full Color that are designed to meet this requirement. From that height, I'd lean towards either the...
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    DMX Occupancy Sensor

    Coming at it from the other direction... The NET-X II from Chauvet Pro will take cold contact closures (Switches or occupancy sensors) and assign them to DMX snapshots (or even sequences). So you could (for instance) assign your architectural fixtures to their own DMX universe, and have the...
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    Control/Dimming Why do pro lighting consoles have so many faders but so few buttons?

    ChamSys Programmers and Users is a pretty great community on FB. They will be glad to answer virtually any questions that you have about how they approach pre-programming and busking.
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    Altman PHX LED Leko Soft Focus Accessory

    The Chauvet one fits in a standard B-Size Gobo Holder. If the Altman takes B-Size Gobos, it will fit. I assume that it will work fine, but have never put one of our filters in their light, so... Try one first.
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    Mover selection help

    What is your budget? If you’re going to have a fixed grid, access is going to be an issue. You’re going to be much happier getting new(er) gear, which is likely to need less frequent servicing, and may have a warranty. @soundlight pretty much nailed it. also... encourage your board to keep...
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    To Go Back to School or To Wait

    My 2 cents. an education is valuable in ways that are hard to quantify. You will benefit (long-term) from the amount of general knowledge, and the relationships that you develop in your collegiate experience. If money is tight, take a few of your non-major courses at the Community College (as...
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    Dream Machine

    I'm a lighting guy, so take what I have to offer with a grain of salt... My wife just purchased a Husqvarna Viking (she got the Emerald 116). This model is what is commonly used in trade schools. It's very robust, does almost everything that you will need it to, and is designed to last, even...
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    UV-C Light, does it affect/damage LED CoB chips with repeated exposure?

    There are definitely UV resistant plastics. We use them in some of our fixture lenses, and housings (specifically, units with IP6x ratings). The IP rating has nothing to do with UV resistance, but (to us, anyway) is an indicator of likely outdoor usage. The need for quartz is to prevent UVC...
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    New: Chauvet Maverick Silens 2 Profile

    Outside of Facebook and YouTube (the link above), I think you can find it on the Chauvet Professional Instagram page. here’s the direct YouTube link: