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    Lab Gruppen PLM 1000Q

    I see this as a great product if you are using a digital mixer. We just got an M7CL-48 and have been working with an all digital signal path from the playback computer and mic preamps (some through the Ethersound network) to the outputs of the mixer. These amps would allow an all digital path...
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    House limiters -- EQ, driverack, something else?

    Putting a limiter in to keep the mixer from pushing the levels too high is not such a good idea. He or she will just keep bringing up the level to try to make it louder to the point of clipping (of not necessarily the amplifiers) which will toast your speakers. Limiters should only be placed...
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    melting gel in one performance

    As has been stated, be sure your units are correctly bench focused. Back in high school we had a couple S4's that would burn through a cut of R59 in minutes. I bench focused them and found that the lamps were not even close to being centered in the reflector and that the had really hot hot...
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    Preheating Conventionals?

    We generally do not preheat small lamps here since we really don't have many problems with premature failure. I generally do preheat all 1k and up lamps. We recently put a rule into place with our 5k fresnels that they should always be preheated before bumping to full. With the 5kW DPY lamps...
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    Video Cameras

    Canon GL1 for me at the moment. I've been looking at the XH-A1 as an HD replacement, but I just don't have the cash right now. Hopefully the price will come down a bit soon as HD takes more of a hold on the video market.
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    Nifty idea

    The only thing I'd worry about is the heat. Scoops are reflecting all that heat from the likely 1kW lamp out the front right into that plastic sheet that is probably not rated to withstand very much heat. Although if they have had them in there for a while, it may not be a problem. Personally...
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    Mic Placement for maximum gain

    MGBF (maximum gain before feedback) can be calculated. The biggest factors are how loud your source is, how far the mic is from the source, how far the speaker is from the mic and how far it is from the listener. Generally we want to have a "safety margin" of 6dB below MGBF to avoid resonance...
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    Festive lamp question.

    Could this be related to a similar question asked waaay back in March? If so it really isn't a PAR at's a BR38.
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    That's what I did this summer when I wasn't working for the production company. It's some pretty good money for a college student at least. I was making about $25/hr doing load ins and outs for stuff in Seattle. Did a couple things for Microsoft at a couple hotels downtown among other things.
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    Battery Question

    I know someone makes Li-Polymer 9V batteries, but I can't remember the company off the top of my head. Sound got some for the old wireless clearcom and the Sennheiser wireless stuff. They require special chargers...somebody accidentally put one in one of the NiMH chargers and it got hot and...
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    I set up a stage today...

    I think the first time I did sound for anything important was when I was in 6th grade. I was board operator for the middle school play. James and the Giant Peach I think it was...on a Mackie SR24-4VLZ. That mixer was pretty overwhelming at the time. Even had a lav mic on James running...
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    A small box with a BIG problem...

    Now I wonder why his work light didn't blow a lamp at 208V. If he wired it that way I'd question his electrician credentials. Standard 3 wire 208v runs are supposed to be two hots and a ground.
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    Ion (again ?)

    It's not like we dropped the Strand out a window or something. It started crashing on us toward the end of last year. The Obsession 2 has been giving us trouble lately too. It's been unreliable enough that we don't trust it to run a show. I think the last show it ran was last year's fall...
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    Ion (again ?)

    Can't wait until we take delivery of our pair of IONs. We were one of the first to order it...our dealer didn't even know what it was when we first asked for a quote :p
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    Sound Effects in Surround Sound

    Yeah LCS is great. Wish we had the money ;) I've done 7.1 stuff with Richmond's Audio Box at a different venue. Here (since we only use LCR) we mainly use the audio box[es] for matrixing and occasionally cue playback.