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    2P&G/Stage Pin vs. Edison vs. Twist-Lock

    I am currently refurbishing ETC Pars, Parnels, and Source Four and SF Jr. fixtures all lamped with 575w long life bulbs and L5-20 Plugs. All cable is 12/3 SOOW cable and I have only cracked one strain relief with too much torque on the screw in a power drill. My ETC dimmer racks have Socopex...
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    Melting Twistlocks

    My new touring system of conventional lights (mostly) is cabled with SOOW 12/3 and L5-20 twist-locs. I have always come up with a routine maintenance plan for my model trains, climbing/rescue equipment and now my lighting system. Being a touring system for rent, you as the owner of the...
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    How popular are L5-20 type twist-loc connectors on the touring circuit these days.

    I am in process of building a new touring conventional lighting system and have always preferred twist-locs over stage pins and sometimes Edison type connectors. How popular are the L5-20 type twist-locs on the touring and theatrical circuit for rentals? All cables built with SOOW cable.